Are sports betting bonuses better than casino bonuses?

In this article we’ll compare sports betting bonuses to casino bonuses to see which ones offer more value. Sports betting bonuses, such as the ones you can find on stave 123, are usually only decent in terms of cash value but they offer inherent playability as the gambler can make an educated guess, whereas casino bonuses must be rolled over on games of pure chance. So let’s have a look which type of bonus offers better value for the player.

Sports betting bonuses

In most cases, we’re talking about a deposit bonus that’s usually 100% on the amount you deposit, sometimes 50%, and in rare cases it can go up to 200%. The cash value is usually limited to a maximum of €100 or so, and it’s extremely rare to see something as rewarding as Cloudbet‘s 5 BTC bonus. There are also free bets but we won’t be talking about them here, particularly because they usually offer very little value for the player, and the cash value is always low as well.

The sports betting bonuses come with rollover conditions that usually involve the amount you must wager and the minimum odds the selection must have in order to meet the rollover conditions. The odds are the biggest and most important variant here, as some bookmakers allow you to play any odds, including 1.01, while some will force you to play 1.50 or greater, some will use 1.70 as the limit, and some even go as high as asking you to place bets on tickets with minimum odds 2.00 and a minimum of three selections. It’s these requirements that make or break the bonus. If the odds (and the number of selections) requirements are difficult to meet, then the bonus will be very difficult to claim.

There is also a minimum amount you must wager before you withdraw the bonus, and this can be anywhere between 3x and 25x. But this is secondary – if the odds requirements are lenient enough then any bonus can be claimed regardless of the amount you need to wager before you can withdraw the bonus.

Casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are a totally different beast – they come in incredible cash values such as $3000 or sometimes even more than that, there are even free spins on the side, some additional perks, maybe some free play, and it looks like a dream. Until you find out it isn’t – you have to gamble like a true high roller in order to meet the rollover conditions since the bonuses are so rewarding in terms of cash. If you got a $3000 bonus somewhere, you had to deposit $3000 to get it, and the rollover is 25x bonus plus deposit, then you’d have to wager a total of $150,000 before requesting withdrawal, and it’s immediately obvious you can’t meet this condition by placing $0.10 bets.

Also, you must wager all this money on games of pure chance. Casinos are wise and they usually don’t even allow you to play through your bonus on some high-payout slots, let alone table games, and the best thing you can hope for in terms of distancing yourself from games of pure chance is that the casino will let you play baccarat, roulette or blackjack with your bonus, but with a 10% contribution or perhaps 20% if you’re lucky.

If you’re playing a slot game, the value of your bonus can be mathematically described by taking into account the theoretical payout of the slot, variance of the slot, and the number of times you have to wager your bonus before you can make a withdrawal. In an ideal case, the slot game would have RTP of over 97% or 98% if you can find one, which means you’d only be losing 3% or 2% in the long run respectively. It’s also good if the game has low variance so it can keep your balance the same through long periods of time, as the reduced risk allows you to increase your bet and meet the rollover requirements faster. Also, it’s obviously way better if the rollover is 25x instead of 40x.

Which is better?

Sports betting bonuses are much better in terms of math, and are easier to claim. However, a huge problem regarding sports betting bonuses is that there’s only a handful of them for each respective territory, and you run out of them pretty quickly, and can’t earn too much cash. Casino bonuses are tricky, and you have to have a good strategy in order to claim them without losing your initial deposit, but if you know what you’re doing then these are far better. Lots of cash can be made.

Finally, very few sportsbooks offer any kind of retention offers while casinos are trying very hard to keep you as a customer and will offer reload bonuses, free spins, VIP programs, and many other perks.

So – casino bonuses are way better. But you need to have skills. If you do have them – casinos are your oyster.

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