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Friday, 25 September 2020

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Baccarat Card Counting – Why doesn’t it work and what can you do about it?

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You must have heard those stories where blackjack card counting allowed a player to take huge winnings from the casino, and you have wondered if the same can be said about the other popular card game – baccarat. The title of this article reveals the sad truth that baccarat is

Baccarat Pattern Recognition and What To Do With it

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Baccarat pattern recognition is all about looking at the past hands and then making an educated guess on the next hand. But is it real? Can it be used to actually beat baccarat once you unlock some secret pattern? Let’s have a look. Pattern Recognition Attempts have been made to

Which casino table game is the best choice to play?

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Almost by default, casino players choose to play slots and rarely do they do anything else. However, what if you want to change it up a bit and be a serious old school gambler who plays table games? Are there better and worse table games? Are there those that can

$12,000 in Baccarat Deposit Bonuses: Online casinos that allow baccarat playthrough

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Baccarat deposit bonuses in online casinos are difficult to find. Baccarat is arguably the game with the best value for the player so it makes sense that few casinos allow their welcome bonus wagering conditions to be met by playing baccarat. But there are some that do, and those are

How to Win Baccarat Every Time Consistently: Secret Trick and 5 Key Tips

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Baccarat is an elaborate coin flip game and you’re expected to hover around zero for most of your playing time, getting ahead of the game at times while falling behind at other times. How to win baccarat? There are various strategies to play baccarat but now this will be a