Best Batman Slots – Full List of 14 Batman Themed Online Slots

Want to play some Batman themed online slots for real money, and don’t know which one to choose? We compiled a list of all Batman slots in existance today, and here they are, with the best one first on the list. Enjoy the advantures of the dark hero and relive some of the movies he’s appeared in!

To fully enjoy these slots, you’ll have to have an account with some Playtech casino, as most of the slots with Batman as the main character were created by Playtech. We recommend as they have a fantastic welcome bonus, and have all of Playtech’s Batman slots.

1. The Dark Knight (Playtech, 2018, RTP 95.96%)

The Dark Knight is an online slot by Playtech, themed around probably the best movie about Batman. You will get to protect Gotham City from Heath Ledger’s Joker, and might even win the progressive jackpot! Win up to 1 million dollars in this slot game that has six reels with 50 fixed paylines that pay both ways. Theoretical return to player is 95.96%, which includes a 0.99% contribution to DC Super Heroes Progressive Jackpot. The Dark Knight Full Review.

2. The Dark Knight Rises (Playtech)

The Dark Knight Rises is a sequel to the above slot game, and it was also created by Playtech. This slot game continues the tale of The Dark Knight with lots of bonus features, DC Super Heroes Progressive Jackpot, and this time around it’s Bane who’s the main villian you’ll be fighting against. This slot game can award whopping win multipliers up to x25 in the Fire Rises featue. This is a fantastic slot game.

3. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Playtech)

Playtech did it again with this fantastic slot game that’s beyond impressive and that will please all Batman fans. Graphics are the main thing about this slot game, and there’s the nevereneding action and tons of huge wins.

4. Batman Begins (Playtech, 2018, RTP 95.11%)

Batman Begins slot is themed around the 2005 movie that rebooted the franchise with Christian Bale, and there’s no free spins game here. Instead you get sort of a permanent bonus feature as you travel through five different locations, and in them Wilds behave differently. They can walk across your board while giving re-spins, they can transform symbols around them, and in one location you can get up to a x50 multiplier on your Wild.

5. Batman (NextGen, 2016, RTP 95.712%)

Batman slot by NextGen is themed around the comic book, and is therefore the most retro Batman slot of all. The game has two modes, the normal one and the Bonus mode, which costs 10 coins but is a prerequisite for triggering the main Descent into Madness feature. With Bonus mode activated, RTP is 95.712%, and if you don’t activate it then you’ll be playing a poor game with 92.20% RTP. This slot also has re-spins, and a paytable that peaks with two symbols that can pay 5000 coins on a 50 coin bet, and another symbol that can pay 2000.

This game is uncommon and is difficult to find for even demo play, but we can direct you to xxxxxx casino as they definitely have this game (we checked) and they also offer a nice deposit bonus of xxxxx plus xxxx free spins you can use on any slot game, including Batman.

The only game titled simply “Batman”, this release by NextGen is themed around the comic book Batman – and it looks amazing. This is the only Batman game in existance today that isn’t created by Playtech, so you might want to give it a go and see what’s it all about. The theoretical RTP is only 92.20% if you didn’t activate the bonus bet, but of course you will activate it on every spin as it increases the RTP to 95.712%. And that’s really something. The graphics are excellent and you’ll want to play this game at least once, and enjoy the Re-spins, Descent into Madness feature, and doubled wins whenever Batman Wild is part of the winning combination. Sometimes you’ll see this game listed as a Cryptologic release. It’s the same game. It’s actually a NextGen release, and NextGen is part of NYX Gaming Group.

6. Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza (Playtech)

Apparently the most popular title among the Playtech comic book themed Batman slots, Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza offers incredibly fun gameplay.

7. Batman & The Joker Jewels (Playtech)

This as classic as it gets, since the game is played on a five-reel board with 25 paylines. While other slots from this series feature all sorts of fun stuff, usually regarding the board setup, this one keeps it familiar. So if you don’t like any of the other slots with the 1960s Batman TV series theme because they go overboard with the reel setup, choose this one.

8. Batman & Catwoman Cash (Playtech)

Batman & Catwoman Cash is also played on a 25-payline classic five-reel board, so it’s another title you may want to try out without having to scratch your head to figure out the rules of the game.

9. Batman & The Riddler Riches (Playtech, 2016, RTP 96.09%)

This game focuses much more on The Riddler than on Batman, so it’s much more green than it is black, and it’s sort of a niche game for Riddler fans. The green may hurt your eyes but this is a quality game with collapsing reels, mystery spins, and sticky Wild free spins.

10. Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune (Playtech)

If you’re a fan of Mr. Freeze you’ll play this Playtech online slot themed around the 1960s TV series. The game is played on a five-reel board with 1024 ways to win.

11. Batman & The Penguin Prize (Playtech)

This game is played on a six-reel board with 64 paylines, and it features one main bonus feature. It’s themed around the 1960s TV series.

12. Justice League (Playtech)

Batman also makes an appearance among Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the others in this Playtech release.

Finally, here are two games that used to exist but can no longer be played.

13. The Dark Knight (Microgaming, 2012)

This slot game by Microgaming was very popular but the licence expired near the end of 2019 so it can no longer be played anywhere.

14. The Dark Knight Rises (Microgaming, 2013)

Sequel to the above slot, The Dark Knight Rises was a fantastic slot game by Microgaming whose licence expired at the end of 2019. This was arguably the best of all Batman slots.

Which Batman slot is the best?

Depends on what you’re looking for and, to a lesser extent, on what your favorite version of Batman is. There are only three slots that depict Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and since these are some of the best movies of all time, it’s understandable that these three are the most popular slots involving our dark and troubled hero.

The most popular of all is Batman Begins slot, followed closely by The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight, Batman & Catwoman Cash and, finally, Batman & Batgirl Bonanza which is a bit different as it’s played on a 2-2-4-4-4 board. Play The Dark Knight Rises, and use the others – particularly the fun group of Playtech slots themed around the 1960s show – for variety and for entertainment.

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