Best casinos for Norwegian players

Since gambling laws are so strict in Norway, and you’re legally only allowed to bet with two state-owned operators, most Norwegians simply disregard this and play where they want in order to get access to better games. does a huge job for those people as it explains which casinos are good and which are not, so it’s easy to pick the one you like as already did all the heavy lifting.

The website doesn’t only stop at casino gambling, and it offers advice for all needs of Norwegian gamblers. Sports betting, bingo, lottery, scratch cards, poker, video poker – all gambling verticals are included and you will get advice where to play each of these games if you’re a Norwegian player. Advice like this goes a long way in educating the players on what to look out for when choosing an operator they’ll gamble with, and in fact it would be very difficult for a player to learn on his own what is a good casino (or other operator) and what is not. This is priceless information.

Finding a good casino

Since the Norwegian market is unregulated, as the government decided to only legalize two brands, Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto, while everyone else is “illegal” including some of the best and most reputable brands in the world, and it’s these brands that usually opt to not meddle with the Norwegian market, the players are unprotected by anyone. That’s where websites such as come in, as it’s necessary to look at all the available brands, separate wheat from chaff, and then present the results of the independent reviews clearly to the reader. That’s what helps a gambler much more than the government did with their total ban.

Why even bother?

Since Norway has a state monopoly in gambling, there’s no competition at all, and there’s no pressure to offer good things to players. While Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto are decent, and are reliable and reputable, the fact is that they’re very boring and that all the shiny objects such as 3D slots, VR slots, live sports streaming, sports cash out feature, bonuses and many other things are somewhere else. Also, Norsk Tipping doesn’t work after 3 AM so you couldn’t possibly bet on USA sports live. In short, the two Norwegian brands are lagging behind the other casinos in one of the most vibrant industries on Earth, so players naturally have a good reason to turn elsewhere.

Also, the government isn’t holding the players accountable, but is instead doing everything in their power to disable access to foreign gambling companies despite all the warnings from EU that this is in fact preservartion of a monopoly. The Norwegian government orders ISPs to block access to foreign operators, orders banks to not process payments to known gambling operators, and similar things. But the player isn’t in any danger so he/she is free to do whatever it takes to get access to a better game than what the two Norwegian operators are providing.

And that’s how it will likely stay for a long time as the game of cat and mouse continues, while Norway legislation fails to realize that embracing foreign companies and then taxing them, like UKGC is doing in United Kingdom, is a much better way to make money and to protect the players. Norway is currently the only Nordic country that’s stubbornly protecting the monopoly while Sweden, Denmark and Finland opted for a free market.

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