Best live dealer casinos for UK players

This one’s a bit specific – if you’re in the UK and want to play table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat online at a live dealer casino, where do you go? You might simply try out all the usual brands in business that have their ads on TV, but they won’t necessarily have a great live dealer section. You could also use some live casino bonuses to get you started. In this article we’ll talk about what makes a good live casino.

Table games selection

First and foremost, the live casino that’s right for you has to have your favourite game. This is why it’s universally accepted that the more games you have the better, though you might just find the one you want even if it’s the only one. If you’re a blackjack player, you probably want a specific table with specific rules and specific limits – and couldn’t care less if the casino has live roulette from Hippodrome or not.

Table game rules

Roulette, blackjack and baccarat are the most popular table games, and you want a casino that has as many varieties of the game you intend to play, for obvious reasons. Rules differ from casino to casino and from table to table, and this is crucial since the rules can give the house a larger edge or move it slightly in favor of the player.

One notable example is American and European roulette, where the latter is twice as good for the player. There’s also French roulette, which is actually European roulette with special rules, and this is the best possible roulette version to play. Blackjack also has many different rules, e.g. whether the dealer has to stand or hit on soft 17, how many decks are used, etc. These can be quite complex and the house edge of the game you’re playing is dependant on these rules.


Obviously, in the UK only the casinos with a UKGC licence will be safe and secure. Not only because of payments but because of other things related to player protection, especially regarding gambling problems. It would not be wise to play at unregulated casinos as these just want to exploit the player. Do play with trusted brands.


Though many of the casinos that have a live dealer section advertise welcome bonuses, do bear in mind that table games never contribute 100% to the rollover requirements, and in most cases the contribution is 0%. You’d be lucky to get 10% or 20% because that’s the nature of the business.

Table games have a low house edge so it wouldn’t make sense for a casino to let you withdraw your bonus by playing table games, so do bear in mind that you’ll be lucky to get any kind of contribution from your live dealer play.

An often overlooked aspect are the VIP programs though. The more you play the more you climb up the VIP ladder, and can then enjoy lots of bonuses and other perks. This is how most table game players make some extra money, not from the one-off welcome bonuses.

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