5 Best Marvel Slots to Play Online: Plus $10,000 in Bonuses

So you’re a fan of Marvel slots and you came here for a quick answer on what the best Marvel slot is?

What the best Marvel slots are is a matter of personal preference and the debate is as heated as who the strongest Marvel superhero is. The personal affection for a superhero influences every individual’s decision – and we won’t go there. We’ll just try to give an unbiased opinion on what the best Marvel slot game is, judging them all by their quality as slot games, and then we’ll add some numbers to the equasion.

What makes Marvel slots so special? Well, the Marvel comics were always incredibly popular and the Marvel universe had a reemergence in popularity with the rise of CGI effects that allowed for blockbuster movies to be made. Until 2000, there have only been 4 movies based on Marvel characters, and all but one were poor attempts, and since 2000 until the end of 2016 there were 40 movies, starting with X-Men. The movies were nominated for 14 Oscars among them, winning one (Spider-Man 2, for Best visual effects).

Everyone got crazy for Marvel characters again, and as it turned out, at the same time internet took over the world and there was a rise in the online gambling industry, online slots in particular. Playtech partnered up with Marvel and created a dozen online slots in a historical moment that produced some of the finest online slot games ever made. Enough with the intro. Here’s our take at the best five:

#5 X-Men slot, 95.03% payout


This is one for true Marvel fans, as it features characters from the entire original X-Men trilogy, 10 of them: five heroes and five villains. The X-Men Marvel slot is making good use of those two groups and it battles them against each other in the Heroes vs Villains feature. Whenever you activate free spins by getting three scatter symbols, you’ll get unlimited spins if you’re in Hero mode. If you get a Magneto symbol, you’ll enter the Villain mode and will only get 8 spins. This is an exciting slot to play and it will lure you straight in with those little things that players appreciate. This one is setting the tone for the remaining four items on our best Marvel slots list.

#4 The Incredible Hulk slot, 94.82% payout


Hulk is as exciting as a slot game can get. Fans of the Marvel character will enjoy it the most, but it will appeal to the larger audience as it’s really a good slot game to play. The payout is decent enough, there is a bonus game with Hulk smashing police helicopters and cars, and another bonus game that gives you free spins. There is also an ‘expanding Hulk’ feature which turns symbols into Wild. Unfortunately, this slot game has the lowest RTP of all Marvel slots so it’s not one you’ll be returning to very often or will use it as your favorite slot. But despite that, this is an incredible slot to play and you should definitely try it out.

#3 Iron Man 3 slot, 93.02% payout


Iron Man is among the most popular slots ever, not only among the Marvel slots audience. This is its 3rd incarnation and it’s an amazing improvement over the previous titles. All the tiny things that were wrong with the previous Iron Man slot were corrected, and we got a fantastic Marvel slot. There is a bonus round for free spins, varied symbols that allow for frequent wins, and even some choices here and there to add to the automated gameplay. The Hall of Armors bonus game is among the most innovative bonus games ever, and is definitely the best one in the Marvel slots universe. One thing that Iron Man 3 didn’t fix compared to Iron Man 2 is the payout – Iron Man 3 only pays 93.02% to the player (least of all Marvel slots), compared to Iron Man 2 that pays 95.98% (most of all Marvel slots). So the choice really boils down to bigger payment or more fun, but Iron Man is definitely #3 on this list, whichever slot you choose.

#2 Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin slot, 95.08% payout


It almost ended up as number one, as this is one incredibly fun slot to play. It didn’t end up as the number one Marvel slot only because after a while you notice the winnings are never really big and are quite scarce. But this slot is much more about fun – and it’s probably most fun of every slot – with bonus games, cool animations, and of course the chance to win that Marvel jackpot. Graphics are amazing, and this slot will immerse you into Spider-Man’s world. This slot strikes a fine balance between fun and payout, not disappointing the player in either aspect. Read more in our Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin review.

#1 The Avengers slot, 95.02% payout


Avengers narrowly win the Marvel best slot game title ahead of Spider-Man because it’s just a bit more rewarding, or at least it feels like it is. The graphics are amazing, the sound is incredible as well – not a small feat for an online slot – and there are five different bonus games, one for each Avenger. Wins are very decent and frequent, and the RTP of 95.02% confirms the overall feel that this slot is not trying to rob you of your money. This is the best Marvel slot and is arguably among the best online slots ever made. No wonder the Marvel slots are so popular. Congratz, Playtech!

Where to play Marvel slots

Playtech / Marvel partnership is alive and well in every Playtech casino out there, so you’ll just make your pick. Most of them are offering deposit bonuses you can use – depending on your country of residence – and you can redeem your cashable bonus by playing Marvel slots in each and every casino on this list. Get your bonus, get comp points, get rewards, or even become a VIP player.

Read our list of casinos tagged with ‘Playtech casinos‘ and pick one. There are more than $10,000 worth of cashable bonuses to be claimed at those casinos.

Bet365 Casino is the best choice of a Playtech casino, and Casino.com and Mansion Casino are very rich in bonuses, combining to almost $10,000 in bonuses you can (and will) redeem by playing your favorite Marvel slots.

Marvel slots payout percentages

Not all Marvel slots are created equal. Not only that they aren’t equally fun but there are better and worse, there are also those that pay out more and those that will quickly eat up your bankroll. Generally, Marvel slots are expensive to play, and you’re paying for the fun.

Marvel slot Payout percentage
Iron Man 2 95.98% (50 lines: 92.31%)
Marvel Roulette 95.73%
Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin 95.08%
Blade 95.05% (50 lines: 91.98%)
X-Men 95.03% (50 lines: 92.01%)
Ghost Rider 95.03%
The Avengers 95.02%
Daredevil 94.94%
Elektra 94.94%
Iron Man 94.89%
Fantastic Four 94.88% (50 lines: 91.99%)
The Incredible Hulk 94.82% (50 lines: 91.00%)
Captain America – The First Avenger 94.31%
Iron Man 3 93.02%
Thor The Mighty Avenger 91.92%
Wolverine 91.86%

It’s obvious that Marvel slots pay out much less when betting on 50 lines than when betting on 25, so beware while playing and don’t go for 50. Most Marvel slots hover around the 95-96% range, Iron Man 2 clearly being the most winnable Marvel slot.

Marvel free spins


Now here comes the reward for those who read the article all the way down. Bet365 Casino is giving 100 free spins for Marvel slots, 25 each for Iron Man 3, Spider-Man, The Avengers and Wolverine. Marvel Free Spins Frenzy they call it, and indeed it is. You will just transfer at least €50 to your casino account, enter the offer code for the game, and then wager at least €200 on that game to trigger 25 free spins. What an easy way to increase your winnings on Marvel slots, and not that it was necessary, Bet365 Casino is the best casino to play Marvel slots anyway.

William Hill Casino Club have plenty of promotions, and one of them are free spins that get generated in your account automatically as you play in the casino, and the free spins you generate can be used on these slots: Thor The Mighty Avenger, Fantastic Four 50 Lines, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Spider-Man: Attack of The Green Goblin, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men 50 Lines, Iron Man 2 50 Lines.

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