Best Online Slots for High Rollers: What’s a Good High Roller Slot Game?

High rollers – people who can afford a max bet over $100 and a deposit of $5000 or more – have special demands when it comes to slot games.

Demands of high rollers are in contrast to the jackpot-seeking player who is hoping to win the lottery, so to speak, by hitting that big progressive jackpot. As a result, most online guides don’t apply to high rollers as they’re targeting the casual player.

High rollers want a quality game and although they can afford to lose, they’re much rather walk away with a substantial win of several thousand and call it a day. You know how it is, the rich don’t like to waste money needlessly, don’t like to go cheap (play penny slots) and definitely don’t want to lose money.

Sounds like you? Got five thousand you want to invest in a quality slot game? Or you just want to play the high roller way with a smaller amount? Read on and find out what are the best online slot games for high rollers and how to identify them.

RTP should be high

A slot game for high rollers should have a good return to player (RTP) as, after all, we are playing to win and not to have fun with our favorite movie character. Variance of slots for high rollers will likely be a bit high, but it’s not a problem as a high roller can afford extended play with high stakes in anticipation of that big win. An important note to make here: we need a slot game that has a transparent RTP, as in not configurable by the casino. Playing any slot game without a published RTP percentage is a risk, as you can’t know for a fact is the game good or not. And if you’re investing a lot of money, this is one piece of info you do want to have.

Bonus features must be rewarding

While most slot players drool over progressive jackpots, a high roller will want a game that pays big wins more often, either during normal play, during the free spins game, or during some bonus game. It’s imperative to have a slot game that pays a lot when it pays, as that’s our goal here. Betting max bet for a while, waiting for that big win to come and win us several thousand. Slot games that don’t play like this aren’t suitable for high rollers.

Casino must be top notch

It’s not just about the slot game, it’s about where you play it. The online casino must be one you can trust with your money, and preferably one that has a good deposit bonus and a VIP program as well. It’s also important to play at a casino that is capable of paying large sums of money and capable of paying it fast. Nobody likes the wait.

More on this in our article about best casinos for high rollers. In case you were looking for slot games with highest max bets, read our article about slot games with highest limits.

And now, on with our selection of best slots for high rollers. Out of all slots we tagged as being high roller slot games, these are the best three:

Best slot game for high rollers: Ooh Aah Dracula

It’s sometimes incredible how well this slot pays. Ooh Aah Dracula is a natural slot game for high rollers as it has a special fixed bet, appropriately named “Hi roller”, where you pay $30 for 5 spins. Basically, this bet unlocks the game for you, and provides tons of special features as well as RTP that climbs up to 99.00%, which you can’t get with a normal bet. This game is as good as they get, and with a little luck you might double your money. The true high rollers might think the $30 bet is too small, but this game is so profitable that they couldn’t afford to allow a bigger bet. Try it out. William Hill have the game as well as a nice deposit bonus.

#2 Nemo’s Voyage

Nemo’s Voyage is a true high roller slot game as it offers max bet of $200, payout of 99.00%, and progressive gameplay that makes the whole experience worth your time. You’ll need to be able to afford some 150 spins with your selected bet size in order to reach the bonus game which is where the money is. So, in case of max bet, it’s $3000. Bet365 and William Hill are the two best casinos with Nemo’s Voyage slot. Videoslots have it too, of course, though if you play Nemo’s Voyage to meet the welcome bonus wagering requirements, it will only contribute 25% because it’s a high-RTP game.

#3 Secrets of Christmas

Secrets of Christmas shouldn’t be disregarded as yet another Christmas slot game that belongs in December only. It’s a quality slot game for high rollers and is available throughout the year. So if you don’t mind the décor, it might pay off to become an expert in this slot game. It offers RTP of 98.70%, max bet of $125 and a max win of $175,000. You can play this NetEnt title at casinos such as UnibetWilliam Hill or Videoslots.

That’s it. Choose one of those three slots and head over to William Hill to make a deposit as you enjoy these slots which fit like a glove if you’re a big player.

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