Best payout online slots UK: 7 slots with RTP over 99.00%

Best paying online slots for UK players

Best payout online slots are difficult to find unless you have someone like GamblersFever to do the work for you, research the online gambling universe, and come up with an answer on where the best payout slots are. And that’s exactly what we did here, and we even reviewed each of the top payout UK slots from the player’s perspective, so read on. In the end you should have a pretty good idea on which online slot should you play.

Best payout slots in United Kingdom

The list of best payout slots for UK players and the list of best payout slots overall is mostly one and the same, as UK players have access to all the best online slots without a single exception. This list will also apply to most European and worldwide citizens who are allowed to play at British and European online casinos.

What is a good payout slot game anyway?

For the sake of this article, we’ll assume that the slots with highest payout must have payout at least 99.00%, which means you’re only expected to lose $1 for every $100 staked in the long run. This payout percentage is incredbile as most slot players find payout over 95.00% good enough, and it’s definitely better than the payout in land-based casinos because you never know how are slots set up by the casino. Online slots have transparent return to player (RTP) percentages and it is therefore easy to rank them according to their payout ratio, which is definitely higher than those in land-based casinos where you don’t know what the payout is unless you’re ready to dedicate a big portion of your time trying to figure it out. Online you get a much more fair game. For example, no Playtech slot game is configurable by the online casino so wherever you play the Tropic Reels slot, you’ll always get the 99.00% payout. While many strategies for finding a loose land-based slot exist, online it’s much easier – especially if you find an article such as the one you’re reading right now, which did the research for you.

For a slot game, return-to-player percentage of 99.00% or more not only rivals the table games, which are traditionally the most valuable games you can play in a casino, but they come close to blackjack as the game with a famously negligible house edge.

Anything else that needs to be considered?

The payout percentage is the most important factor when deciding which slot game is giving the highest returns, but there are also details such as frequency of wins, maximum wins, ease of play, decisions yes/no, and other usual standards by which we’re rating slots here at GamblersFever.

For the sake of this article we’ll rank the slots by their payout percentage, but we’ll differentiate them from one another based on their gameplay, variance, and fun, finally coming up with the best paying slot game for a UK player. Or two games maybe? Who knows. Read on.

7 Tropic Reels  Payout 99.0%, Fever Rating 86%, Playtech

tropic-reels-screenshot-2Tropic Reels is a very rewarding slot with a high payout and skill involved (Hold feature), but it is severely lacking in the fun department. For the average slot player it ain’t fun at all. The fun from playing this slot comes from the ability to beat it if your game is tight enough, and if you got a bankroll large enough to keep you playing through the spins as this is a high-variance slot that pays seldom.

Tropic Reels is definitely one for the professional slot player who makes a living playing slots, and the average fun-seeking player will give up on this one quickly. Depending on which group you belong to, you’ll either love or hate this slot. Read our full Tropic Reels review.

All Playtech casinos probably have this game but be careful, as casinos such as Bet365 don’t count Tropic Reels towards bonus wagering requirement because they weren’t born yesterday, the game’s RTP is too good. We did the research for you and found that Videoslots are a rare place that allows you to achieve bonus wagering requirement on Tropic Reels, and the contribution of every spin will be 75% of your bet. Videoslots got a €200 deposit bonus for you.

6 Nemo’s Voyage  Payout 99.0%, Fever Rating 94%, Williams Interactive

nemos-voyage-screenshot-1Though only sixth on this list, Nemo’s Voyage could be at the very top of the best-paying slots you can play as it fulfills all three criteria for a truly great slot: it has low payout so it won’t be eating up your bankroll, is very fun to play, and is constantly rewarding you with wins. No wonder we’ve given it 94% rating in our Nemo’s Voyage slot review. With each spin you descend deeper to the bottom of the ocean with your Nautilus submarine, and it takes some 150 spins to reach the bottom, and during the descent the Wild symbols get more and more wild and rewarding. The goal of the game is to stay at the bottom for as long as possible before having to ascend due to pressure getting too high, and this gamification of your spins give a whole new dimension to spinning reels. It’s indeed a voyage and an adventure you’ll easily get immersed in.

Though many casinos have games by Williams Interactive, not many have Nemo’s Voyage. One of the few is Videoslots so head over there and play this exciting game, get 11 free spins, €10 free, €200 deposit bonus and access to 2000+ slots.

5 Ooh Aah Dracula  Payout 99.0%, Fever Rating 97%, Barcrest

ooh-ahh-dracula-free-spinsOoh Aah Dracula may be a slot by a small software developer but it’s one of the funnest slots to play, as seen in our Fever Rating of 97%. We had loads of fun playing it, and it’s profitable, too. This slot game consists of two separate games, the normal slot play has RTP 96.00%, and the ‘hi roller’ game where you pay flat 30.00 coins for 5 spins has RTP 99.00%. It only makes sense to play the latter, as it gives you several bonus games which are pretty frequent. With Ooh Aah Dracula, a single spin can take you through several minutes of fun as you enter different stages of the game, and, most importantly, during the Super Graveryard bonus you can win big just by choosing the right tombstone which holds 150x win. Read our full Ooh Aah Dracula slot review and rating.

Now this one’s a rarity as Barcrest isn’t found at many online casinos. But as usual when you’re trying to track down a single slot game, Videoslots come to the rescue. They have Ooh Aah Dracula in free play and money mode, and will give you 11 free spins, €10 free, and €200 deposit bonus.

4 Mega Joker  Payout 99.00%, Fever Rating 87%, NetEnt

mega-joker-netent-screen-1Mega Joker by NetEnt – not to be confused with the much lower-paying Novomatic slot with the same name – is the highest-paying fruit machine online. It’s one for the nostalgic gamblers who grew up with the fruits, 7s and jokers. Mega Joker has bottom reels which are the base game and which win you entry to the upper reels game where big wins are possible just by having one joker on any of your reels. This game is actually one for high rollers as the 99.00% payout is only possible when making the most of the upper reel, while the lower one slowly eats away your bankroll. The clever gambler will know how to play this slot, and there is some decision making involved when it comes to stakes and when it comes to deciding if you want to play the upper reels or just cashout. Read our full Mega Joker slot review and rating.

Many NetEnt casinos have this game. But, as you already figured out, they’re reluctant to allow players to fulfill rollover requirements by playing high-RTP games. Videoslots have this game and it will contribute 75% to rollover requirement, but let’s go with a different casino this time around. BitStarz have this game, it will contribute 75%, and they got a €500 or 5 BTC bonus plus some free spins on Starburst. They got a massive number of games and Mega Joker is just one of them.

3 Ocean Princess  Payout 99.07, Fever Rating 88%, Playtech

ocean-princess-slot-3Ocean Princess is a three-reel slot with five rows and a Hold feature that is so simple yet it makes all the difference. The slot give you the maximum value when betting max and is therefore a good choice for the cunning slot player who will take advantage of the game mechanics of Ocean Princess and bet max therefore provoking the $25,000 jackpot. It’s a simple slot with a theme that won’t appeal to the male audience so is an often overlooked choice, and it will be played mostly by players who wish to take advantage of the high payout percentage. Read our full Ocean Princess slot review and rating.

Bet365 do have this game but it can’t contribute to rollover requirement. So we’ll again steer you towards Videoslots, as it contributes 75% there, and you’ll get a €200 bonus on your first deposit.

2 Ugga Bugga  Payout 99.07%, Fever Rating 90%, Playtech

ugga-bugga-slot-2Ugga Bugga is a 10-row multi-spin jungle-themed slot by Playtech and is one for high rollers as the maximum bet is $250 per spin. Ugga Bugga doesn’t give too many wins compared to the other slots, and there is no bonus round either, just the jackpot that is 1000 coins. Or, in case of a maximum bet, $25,000 cash. There is skill involved in playing Ugga Bugga as there’s a Hold feature and you get to choose which (if any) symbols from the first reel you wish to keep for the remaining nine reels to increase your chance of a big payout. There is a mathematically correct way to play the game and that is to hold the best symbols in order to increase your chance of winning big. It’s not worth it to keep the small and medium ones, unless you have to. The trick is to not hold any of the less valuable symbols as they’re just taking up space of some rare symbol. Read our full Ugga Bugga slot review and rating.

Once again, Videoslots is the best place to play Ugga Bugga as they have the slot game and it contributes 75% to the bonus rollover requirement. Other Playtech casinos also have it but it’s unlikely they’ll let you play through your bonus on Ugga Bugga.

1 Goblin’s Cave  Payout 99.32%, Fever Rating 89%, Playtech

goblins-cave-slot-2Goblin’s Cave is a classical three-reel slot for those who like to spin it old school. But it’s a hidden gem, and is one for the clever gambler as it’s the loosest slot of all the online slots in the wide world. Wide internet, that is.There is skill involved with playing Goblin’s Cave slot as you get to choose how many symbols do you wish to Hold from the first reel spin, and you’ll get these symbols on other two reels as well. This means that there’s a mathematically correct way to play the game to your advantage, and with the high payout (but only for maximum bet) this is a rewarding slot. The winnings are not too big though, maximum win is 150x, but there is a bonus round when you match three Lantern symbols, and the goblin will let you pick one of the treasure chests from his cave. Read our full Goblin’s Cave slot review and rating.

What is the Best high-paying online slot?

Skilled players who just want to play the loosest slot will choose one of the three highest-paying slots: Goblin’s Cave, Ugga Bugga or Ocean Princess. Mega Joker is for the fruit machine fans. But our firm favorites on this list are Nemo’s Voyage and Ooh Aah Dracula as high-paying slots which are also incredibly fun to play. And those two are the real winners of this top list. If you choose either Nemo’s Voyage or Ooh Aah Dracula you’ll get close to a perfect game – you’ll be playing slots which have the minimal house edge and are lots of fun to play, thereby ending the adage that high-paying slots must be boring. These two are anything but.

You’ll find them both in the William Hill Casino Club or at BGO Casino also has these games and apparently you can play through your bonus on these as they aren’t among the excluded games.

So go ahead and choose one of the recommended casinos on this page and play the highest-payout slots available to UK customers. Many other countries don’t have the luxury of playing these slots. Once again, here is a list of all the casinos mentioned on this page, with respective bonus information.


Videoslots 100% up to €200 + €10 free cash Visit
Bet365 100% up to €100 Visit
BitStarz €500 or 5 BTC, reload bonuses, free spins Visit
William Hill 150% up to £150 + 50 free spins Visit
BGO £100 bonus on your first deposit Visit


We hope you enjoyed our article. Good luck playing high RTP slots!

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