Best Paypal casinos for Canadian players

While Canadians have no issues whatsoever with depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos, out of sheer convenience Paypal is a common choice. If you already have money on your Paypal account, it would be difficult to move the money to some other payment method and then make a deposit to some casino. It’s easier to just search for Paypal casino Canada and find a good casino where you can deposit with Paypal directly.

Why use Paypal for deposits?

The main advantage of Paypal is that the funds are transferred instantly so there’s no delay as is the case with traditional banking methods such as bank transfers and card deposits / withdrawals. These still take time to go through, and Paypal enjoys a definite advantage over these traditional methods that process transfers with snail pace. Also, many people find it convenient that on Paypal you can quickly see your transaction history, and these will be important transacations since you don’t buy bread and milk with Paypal. That allows you to quickly see how much did you deposit to some casino and how much did you get back.

In Canada in particular, there is a shortage of fast e-wallet type of payment methods, since they weren’t necessary to circumvent some difficulties with traditional methods since there are none. So while most countries, particularly those in gray area when it comes to legislation, use Skrill and Neteller to process payments instantly, these methods don’t work in Canada anymore. So, Paypal is one of the very few e-wallets you can use to make a payment online. And it’s definitely the most prestigious one.

Another important aspect of Paypal is that you can use it in relative secrecy. While your bank statement will show your gambling numbers black on white – and perhaps your spouse will see it – with Paypal you can do what you want, and treat it as your own personal gambling account. And when you do win, you can immediately order some stuff online and pay for them with Paypal. We could say that Paypal gambling is an ideal way to get some more money for Christmas presents – in secret.

How popular is Paypal among casinos?

The one thing that might hold people back is the lack of online casinos that accept Paypal as a payment method, or that are willing to give you a welcome bonus when you deposit with Paypal. There just aren’t that many casinos that give a welcome bonus when you deposit with Paypal, but on the other hand those that do are likely a perfect choice for you as a player. You’ll get to deposit using a familiar and secure payment method, both the deposit and withdrawal will be processed instantly – depending on how fast the casino will process the payment request, of course – and you will get the welcome bonus by the casino.


Paypal is a highly recommended payment method for Canadians and for other players who are eligible to use it for gambling, because it’s one of the most popular payment methods in the world. Paypal is secure, it can be your off-the-grid account if you have a need for that, and it blends well with all those eBay and Amazon deals you don’t want to miss. So, gambling with Paypal lets you earn more money on the side and then use it to buy something for yourself or for your family.

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