Different types of casino bonuses explained

Take a step back and look at the big picture before indulging yourself with another casino bonus. Which are the types of casino bonuses out there? Are there some bonus types you haven’t heard of? Which is the best casino bonus for your habits as a casino player?

First of all, you’ll find a good selection of casino bonuses at Gambipedia so head over there if you just want to get the bonus right away. If you’re interested in a breakdown of the main three types of casino bonuses, read on.

Deposit bonuses

The most common type of bonus in an online casino is a first deposit bonus. After you make your qualifying deposit, you will receive a percentage of your deposit in form of extra cash you can play with. This can be 100%, in which case you’ll basically double your money, or it can be even more generous, 200% or 300%, or less than that, 50%, or something in between.

In all cases there will be a rollover condition you must meet. For example, you will have to play through your deposit and bonus 30 times, which means you’ll have to wager a total of €6000 if you got a €100 bonus on a €100 deposit.

Commonly, casinos will forbid the rollover on those games where the house doesn’t have a big edge, and your bets made on such games will not count towards the rollover conditions. We’re addressing this issue in our article about baccarat deposit bonuses. Typically, casinos will prevent you from achieving your rollover on baccarat, roulette, blackjack and similar games, plus those slot games that have a (too) high theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage. As you can see in our article about best-paying UK slots, usually it’s only Videoslots.com that allow playthrough on this type of slots.

No deposit bonuses / free play

No deposit bonus is the holy grail of online gamblers, yet it doesn’t come without limitations. You will be given a free bonus without any deposit necessary, or you will be given some cash and a set time – e.g. an hour – to play and stack up as much cash as you can. In either case, the casino is giving you free money and it’s up to you to play well and win some extra money with the money you’ve been given.

You will only get the money you earned on top of the money you’ve been given, and when you get it, there will either be a playthrough conditions you must meet or you will have to make a deposit, or both.

Free spins

Now this is a crowd favorite, and the reason for this is that you never know how valuable the spin is going to be. If you get 200 free spins and get a huge win on one of the spins, you just got huge value from your offer. Many slot players just need that little bit of extra luck, an extra free spin, so they’re actively looking for casinos with free spins offers. Usually you’ll get the free spins, on one specific game, a group of games, or any game, and if you win something you’ll either get to keep it right away or will have to play through your winnings, or both.

Which is the best bonus?

Obviously, the free spins offers are too good to be missed and whenever you see them you will claim them. The no deposit bonuses are rare, and somewhat limited to shady unlicenced casinos. The best value is coming from deposit bonuses (and their spin-off reload bonuses), as you effectively double or triple your money and you only need to not lose money over a certain number of wagers and you’re good. Deposit bonuses are free money, and are very useful to an experienced casino player. The less experienced ones may end up losing money, so it’s important to know what you’re doing. Free spins are a perfect proposition for less experienced gamblers who are learning the trade.

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