Different types of bookmaker offers

Let’s take a break from casino gambling and have a look at what our friends who place sports bets are doing to make money. Most of their strategies include free bet offers in some shape or form, so we’ll take a look at what types of offers are there, and how do they differ to what we’re used to getting in casinos.

Deposit bonuses

Unlike casinos, the deposit bonuses for sports betting are all cashable. There hasn’t been a case of a non-cashable bookmaker bonus or at least we don’t know about it. What you see is what you get, if the bonus is 100% up to €100 then you do get that €100 and just need to meet the rollover conditions to be able to withdraw the money. Also, most bonuses are released into your account instantly. The rollover conditions are usually 5x or something like that, which is much lower than 25x or even 40x that we commonly see in casinos. There is always a minimum odds rule, so you have to place bets on odds greater than e.g. 1.50 or sometimes even 2.00 in order for the bet to count towards the playthrough requirement. In many ways, claiming a sportsbook bonus is easier than claiming a casino bonus.

Free bets

Very popular in the UK, free bets usually have a value of £25 but yet enjoy incredible and unexplainable popularity in a country where it represents 1/100 of average monthly income. The free bet can be either cashable or non-cashable – more commonly the latter – and they can be true free bets or they can be risk-free bets, in which case you only get a free bet if you lose your first bet with the respective bookmaker. Most people have a strategy of using the free bet to place some impossible bet with odds 5.00 or greater, hoping to win a few hundred quid. That’s the only feasible way of using the free bet, as playing it safe won’t get you much, you won’t even be able to buy fish and chips. The casino equivalent of “free”, the free spins, are far superior to free bets.

Odds boosts

Just a marketing trick, odds boosts are offers where a bookmaker gives incredible odds for some game whose outcome is almost certain, e.g. Arsenal to beat Fulham at home. The bookmaker gives an incredible price of e.g. 10/1, and people flock to take advantage of this offer. The maximum allowed stake is, however, limited, so you can only profit a few quid.

Accumulator bonuses

This could arguably be the best offer of all, as there are no rollover conditions and the bonus is cashable. The only thing you have to do is place several bets on the same ticket, and your winnings will increase, sometimes even up to 100% but for that you’ll have to place 14-15 bets on the same ticket. Whoever likes to put more bets on a single ticket should take advantage of this, and the strategy is simple. You bet £10 or a similar small amount on a big weekend ticket that covers all matches you’re interested in, and then the acca bonus boosts your potential winnings from e.g. £200 to £400. Simple, effective, and it makes sense. When you do win (and you will), you’ll win more. This is also a simple way to enjoy betting without risking too much money.

To conclude, sportsbooks offer a wide variety of different bonuses and offers, so if you’re inclined to start placing sport bets, you might want to take advantage of these offers. To a skilled gambler, it shouldn’t be much of a challenge to claim the bonuses even if your knowledge about sports and sports betting isn’t that great. In the end, it’s all about math anyway.


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