How to increase the likelihood of a positive gambling outcome

As football punters already know, if they search for betting tips and predictions they have a decent chance of increasing the likelihood of winning by gaining an edge over the bookmaker. This isn’t always easy or even possible to do, but the main premise is that you can find arguments that put a bit more weight on a certain side of the bet, and can then make an educated guess as opposed to just a guess.

Pure games of chance

In pure games of chance, where no skill is involved – such as roulette – there is absolutely no way for the gambler to gain an edge by having a piece of information that says the chance of the ball landing on black is 49.60% and not the usual 48.60%. That’s because roulette is totally random, and the outcome of each spin is totally individual, and unrelated to any spin that came before. In these games, it’s impossible to gain an edge, no matter how hard you try. They will always be games of chance, with odds that are never in your favor, and the only way to beat these is to exploit the variance in outcomes and quit while you’re ahead.

Most online slots are also pure games of chance, though many gamblers think they can predict when the slot machine is ready to pay. Let’s leave this one open to debate, but the outcome of each spin is totally independent and represents a pure game of chance. This is not true only for those slots that let you make decisions, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Not so pure games of chance

Baccarat is the best example of a “not so pure” game of chance, as both the probabilities and odds for Banker and Player bets differ, and can also differ from casino to casino. In baccarat it’s possible to bet on the bet that’s more likely to win (Banker), and it’s also possible to go to 5Dimes and play their special baccarat version that has Player as the better bet. Here, player can make some choices that will affect the likelihood of winning, even if the game itself is still a pure game of chance (if the deck would be shuffled before every hand). If the deck isn’t being shuffled, then with card counting the player can increase his chance of winning.

Blackjack is a notable example of a game that can be beaten, because of the low house edge, because there’s a correct strategy for playing, and especially because some people have managed to make a profit using card counting. Truth is, all the blackjack casinos are still in business so the game definitely can not be beaten regularly, but here the player has a chance to increase the likelihood of winning by making good or bad decisions.

Skill games

Poker is the most widely known game of skill, and boy do you need skill to play that one. The game is based on a random shuffle of the card deck, but everything else is pure skill. There are also many other card games in which your skill matters, and sometimes there’s even slot games in which the skill matters. Those would be the slots that allow you to, for example, play a bigger bet and increase your chance of triggering the free spins game, or even those slots that allow you to purchase the free spins game. There are also several slots that let you make decisions, and those that seemingly let you make decisions but the chance remains the same.

Whatever you choose to play, it’s important to know what it is exactly that you’re playing, is it a game of chance or is it a game of skill. This will prevent many heartbreaks.

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