Is it legal for Australians to gamble online in 2018?

Australian Online Gambling Law 2018

Everyone knows Australia is now a commonly blacklisted market at online casinos, so uninformed people may immediately jump to the conclusion that gambling in Australia is illegal in 2018. But is it? Read on to find out.

When the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill of 2016 was passed in the Australian Senate, it was considered a slap in the face of online gambling in Australia, and as a result, many Australians have abandonded the practice altogether and are gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos only. However, online gambling is NOT illegal in Australia, it’s just that many non-Australian operators found the new rules too demanding and decided it’s best for them to abandon the market. Notably, some game providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming have left as well. The purpose of the IGA Bill was to keep the money in Australia, $20 billion annually, and that’s all there is to it.

If you’re an Australian, you may be a bit confused with all this and it’s best to check out new aussie online casinos and just choose one of the casinos on that list. They are all licenced and it’s perfectly legal to gamble with those operators. There, problem solved. Just visit and you’re good.

Australian gambling legislation in 2018

There are now two types of services. The prohibited online gambling services may not be offered to Australians in any scenario, and the regulated gambling services may be offered to Australians if the operator is licenced in Australia. However, the law doesn’t even specify how exactly do you get a licence in Australia, so it’s basically a total ban.

Online poker, sports in-play betting and roulette are now completely banned in Australia, even for Australian operators, and the 2016 Bill closed the loopholes allowed by the 2001 version of the bill, which operators took advantage of to keep offering their services. There is also a ban on sportsbook advertising during sports events, it’s called a siren-to-siren ban.

Why did many operators decide to leave Australia?

They had no choice, as there was no legal way for them to keep offering services to Australians. The Bill says you must be licenced in Australia to offer the services, yet there’s no process through which a licence can be obtained. So most operators pulled away from the market, with a few choosing to take their chances in the grey area and take advantage of the void left when the big players abandoned the scene.

Can an Australian be prosecuted for gambling online?

No. There is nothing in the Bill that criminalizes the gambler – nothing at all. Full responsibility is with the operator, and they are the ones that will get fined if they offer their services to Australians and aren’t allowed to. An Australian can freely gamble wherever he/she wishes, with licenced or unlicenced operators, and nothing bad can happen to him/her. Legally, it’s not the gambler that’s breaking the law, it’s only the operator who’s held legally responsible.

What does all this mean for the Australian gambler?

It means that certain services are no longer available, certain slot games are no longer available, and overall the choice is greatly diminished. That’s basically what this means from the perspective of an Australian person who wishes to gamble online. However, there are still so many quality online casinos and sportsbooks to choose from, and from the perspective of the gambler it is not illegal to place a wager anywhere, not even with unlicenced operators. It’s just a bit more difficult to find a good operator, hence the list mentioned earlier in the article.

Just choose a reliable online casino and gamble all the way.

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