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Blackjack is simple, right? You learn the rules and you make the correct decision every time. Except that that kind of strategy doesn’t really beat the dealer. That’s why we’re bringing you Blackjack Tips & Strategy by Benjamin Ogden, where you’ll learn some crucial tips (really!) that actually work in real life when you’re sitting on the opposite of the ruthless dealer who knows the game inside-out.

Now let’s have a brief overview of various aspects of blackjack that you need to master, and for the real strategy you’ll visit the link above.

Basic Blackjack Strategy – Does it work?

The rules that the dealer must follow make blackjack a rather predictable game, and the basic strategy that makes the right decision every time is easy to learn. But it’s far from being the answer to everything (that would be 42, not 21), otherwise everyone would be beating the house in blackjack and that’s just not the case. There must be some other aspects that are making the difference, then.

Money Management

First things first. Most bankruptcies in gambling – or skill card games – have to do with poor money management that leads to a situation in which you must win a hand or you go broke. It is self-explanatory that these situations will most often lead to bankruptcy. Proper money management is your weapon that protects you from finding yourself in a difficult spot, and ensures you can play the game with ease.

Blackjack Rules and Odds make the difference

If someone would do proper research on what part of game of blackjack is responsible for most losses, ignorance would probably be #1. Not understanding or not even bothering to check the rules of the table is a horrible thing to do when you’re gambling with your hard-earned money. Blackjack tables differ greatly from one another. The key aspect is whether the decks are being shuffled after every hand (if they are, don’t play there) and right behind that is the number of decks (1 to 8) used. If any of these are unclear, ask the dealer.

The next main difference is whether the dealer stands or hits on soft 17 (it’s way better if he stands), and there are half a dozen additional rules that make a difference but we won’t delve into that in this article. Most importantly, don’t play if the cards are being shuffled after every hand, try to avoid playing at a table that uses more than 4 decks, and definitely do make a habit of quickly checking out how much does blackjack pay. It’s usually 3 to 2, but at some tables it’s 6 to 5. That kind of game shouldn’t ever be played by anyone, yet you’ll see people sitting there, making bets, trying to win.

Counting Cards

Counting cards in blackjack is not some miraculous strategy with which you’ll cheat the casino and win millions, it’s actually good practice – provided you’re playing blackjack at a table that isn’t shuffling the decks continuously. By counting cards, you get to reduce the house edge a bit, maybe even turn it in your favor. This is a topic that can be discussed all day long, but for now we’ll leave it at this and just say that this is a vital part of the game.

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