Minimum risk gambling strategy

Of many different gambling strategies, there’s one that tries to gamble with minimum investment and risk, with a goal to still provide the maximum chance of winning big – all things considered. This strategy is a perfect fit for gamblers who just love to gamble and spend hours playing slots or their other favorite game, and don’t want to risk or lose any significant sum of money. Frequently, this strategy will still provide pleasure in form of a big juicy win every now and then.

At you will find a great selection of casinos with a very low minimum deposit, such as $1, $5, $10 or currency equivalent, which would be the prerequisite for utilizing this low risk strategy. If you want to minimize the risk and, for example, play penny slots, then it makes sense to choose a casino which doesn’t force you to deposit an amount too large for your taste. What you really want is a low minimum deposit casino which still gives a deposit bonus (should you choose to claim it) and maybe even some free spins on the side! With a deposit bonus and some free spins, you’re getting incredible value for your $5 or $10. Or even for your one dollar, which is enough to give you 100 penny spins, or 200 in case of a 100% deposit bonus, and maybe some extra free spins from the casino.

In case of this minimum risk and low investment gambling strategy, you will want to play penny slots, as they offer the greatest volatility. Volatility is what you want, as your $0.01 has to be able to generate a huge win such as $200, or even more than that. The penny slot you choose to play has to be one with high volatility, as opposed to some other slot games which issue small wins on a regular basis but never go much above their set average. Ideally, the slot game would pay very infrequently, but the paytable has to have an option of a mega win. That’s what you want to play and that’s why you’re staking that $0.01 repeatedly.

Also, it would be excellent if the slot game had any type of jackpot that can be won with a minimum bet of $0.01 on one payline. A lot of jackpot slots only allow the jackpot to be won with a max bet, which is not a value proposition at all, and you want to find a slot game that offers a chance of a jackpot even with a $0.01 bet, and a slot game that pays out the jackpot in its entirety and doesn’t reduce it to match the low stake you played with. Even better, the jackpot will be a progressive jackpot.

One option, though it can’t be really played for $0.01, are DC Comics slots which offer a chance to win the DC Comics Progressive Jackpot for as little as $0.50 per spin, and all DC Comics slots have an equal chance to provide the spin that won the jackpot. And this is just one example of quality games that can be played for low stakes, and you still get a chance to win a ridiculous amount of money.

Choose your slot game wisely, and you will give yourself hours of gambling fun plus a chance to win big. And what’s best about this strategy – your budget won’t even feel it! Choose one of the casinos listed on the website mentioned above, and start having fun online for minimum stakes and a maximum chance to win!

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