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If you’re into affiliate marketing and are visiting GamblersFever because you’re an affiliate, you will definitely be interested in the new affiliate marketing magazine that has been launched only recently and is bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry. The first edition was published in February 2019 and you can read it online.

Why read magazines?

Plain and simple, you need every useful information that you can get, regardless of what walk of life you’re coming from. In case of gambling affiliation, or any other profitable business, you need information to keep you on the right track and to make sure your profits are increasing and your business is booming. This would be impossible to do without experiences by other people who are involved in your industry.

What do I get from Commission Magazine?

The first edition of the Commission Magazine is bringing interviews with some leading figures in gambling, and you might be interested in reading that even if you’re not involved in the industry yourself, but are just a gambling aficionado (yes that is the correct spelling). It’s never a bad idea to read about something you’re interested in, you may only get new ideas in your head, and you may see the bigger picture. Especially with quality authors and quality and revelant topics that you’ll find in this particular magazine.

The article is published online only, which means you can access it from anywhere you want at any moment, from any device, and can read it right away for free. Quick tip – download the magazine and then read it when you’re on an airplane – time will pass by so quickly.

Practical lessons

Just like a true niche magazine, Commission Magazine features practical advice from top speakers, and they’re not necessarily coming from a gambling background. One obvious example is SEO, which is a critical skill for any webmaster, and we can learn the lessons from other industries as well as from top SEO professionals that sell their services to major companies. Content of Commission Magazine is very precise but at the same time it allows you to see the bigger picture and perhaps apply that new knowledge to your own industry that isn’t gambling.

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