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Recently a new comprehensive online resource for gamblers has been launched, and it goes by the catchy name of GambleGuys. The brand name is definitely easy to remember, and we took a look at their website to see what’s it all about. Although the main focus is on French, Norwegian and Serbian markets, the multinational team of GambleGuys provides general info that can be useful for a visitor from any country. Visitors will learn many things about depositing and withdrawing funds from a casino, and, of course, which casino is the best choice for them. These are just some of the topics covered on this unique gambling resource:

Online casinos

The most important question that needs answering is – which casino is the best? And there’s no universal answer, as it will depend on what country the player is coming from. Casinos have country restrictions that stem from licencing and regulation rules, so a casino that is willingly accepting a player from one country may not accept a player from another country at all. One such notable example is France, where the strict ARJEL licencing rules mean the majority of brands known to players worldwide just aren’t available. Likewise, some casinos aren’t willing to hand out bonuses to some markets, so that’s another thing that needs to be looked at. In any case, the answer to “which casino is the best” is country-specific, so it makes sense to answer the question for one country at a time.


Slots are the backbone of online gaming and by far the most popular type of game in online casinos. This is simply due to their variety – while we often think of slots as a single game type, in fact there are thousands as each game is separate and unique. Slots usually fall into one of the main categories – classic slots, fruit machines, gem slots, jackpot slots, medium-variance slots, fun slots, fairytale slots and so on. It’s impossible to even list all the slot categories, and in each category there are dozens or hundreds of slots. In total there is probably well over 5000 slot games in existance, and some of the most popular developers are NetEnt, Microgaming, and recently Yggdrasil.


One specific niche that is often neglected on casino review website is lottery. In this day and age, the popularity of national lotteries is in decline as it is deemed as a pastime for senior citizens, yet there are so many millenials who are willing to play the numbers in hope of getting rich quick. And indeed, lotto is among the few things you can do that can instantly make you rich. It’s the equivalent of playing jackpot slots, but it takes much less time to pursue as you simply choose your numbers and pay the ticket – that’s it.

While a small niche, lottery is one in which a cunning gambler can win quite a bit of money. The main downside of traditional national lottery is that it’s slow-paced as there’s usually only one draw per week, but online you can play many different lotteries and therefore speed up the process. As far as gambling goes, lottery might be one of the better games you can play.

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