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Friday, 18 September 2020

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How Much Are No Deposit Bonuses Really Worth?

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The no-deposit bonus is a perk that lots of online casinos offer to potential customers. This bonus is either the free spin type or a cash bonus. However, what’s the big deal about these no-deposit bonuses? Do they present real value? How would you know if these no-deposit bonuses aren’t

Here’s How to Pick the Best Pay n Play Casino

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The gambling industry is continuously evolving and sees innovations every day as various casinos try to provide gamblers with the best possible experience. If you are into gaming, there’s a high probability that you’ve heard of the latest trend – Pay N Play. This innovation has taken the gambling world

The names of casino slots played in the UK

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The United Kingdom has its own rules and preferences when it comes to gambling. Believe or not, you have to know the taste of the players to succeed in the high competitive gambling market. Are you a slot player from Norway? In that case you most likely play Jackpot 6000

Thousands of British online casinos are competing in the the big UK gambling market

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Nowhere in the world you have a bigger competition than in the gambling market of the United Kingdom. While in countries such as Czech Republic and Slovakia you have a competition of around 5 online casinos, in the UK there are literally thousands. Sure, the market and wealth is much

Top new NetEnt slots in 2020

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Yes, we all know Starburst remains the most popular slot game in the world, and that Gonzo’s Quest isn’t far behind despite advanced age of almost seven. But what are the top new NetEnt slots released in the first quarter of 2020 and are there any that can become fan

What are plans of traditional casinos after the pandemic?

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We can’t talk about gambling without mentioning the coronavirus global pandemic, as this industry has been polarized by the misfortunate event. Land-based casinos have seen a substantial drop in revenue as most of them had to close their doors, while the number of players in online casinos surged by more

Interesting story about gambling regulation in Bulgaria

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We often publish articles regarding the legal situation in some country, in an effort to identify the good and the bad ways to go about gambling regulation. This week we talk about Bulgaria, which is a typical case of how gambling is handled in countries that try to blacklist unlicenced

New Resource for Gamblers

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Recently a new comprehensive online resource for gamblers has been launched, and it goes by the catchy name of GambleGuys. The brand name is definitely easy to remember, and we took a look at their website to see what’s it all about. Although the main focus is on French, Norwegian

Best Way to Claim a Casino Deposit Bonus

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So you found a good first deposit bonus and you see the bonus money in your account – and now what? What is the best game to play with that bonus and what kind of strategy should you use to claim the bonus with minimal risk of losing it? Read

Grand Theft Auto will have a fully functional casino

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Rockstar Games have confirmed that the casino in their online game Grand Theft Auto Online will soon be opening and will be fully functional, with playable games such as blackhack and roulette that players will be able to play for in-game currency. For a while now – five years to

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