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News 23-06-2019

New affiliate marketing magazine

If you’re into affiliate marketing and are visiting GamblersFever because you’re an affiliate, you will definitely be interested in the new affiliate marketing magazine that has been launched only recently and is bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry. The first edition was published in February 2019 and you can read it online. […]

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News 22-06-2019

Why use an affiliate stats aggregator

This post is intended for gambling affiliates only, as they have a problem that need solving and will greatly benefit from an affiliate stats aggregator. A tool such as a stats aggregator is useful for many things, and makes life easier for affiliates. Read on to find out how exactly. The Problem Gambling affiliates usually […]

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News 01-06-2019

What if someone told you what to bet on?

We’ll make it clear right away that this post is all about sports betting, not casino, though you may want to still read on. We all know that sports betting can be time consuming, which is the reason why gamblers avoid it, but what if someone gave you Football Predictions and therefore took all the […]

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News 31-05-2019

Gambling Tax Compared Across Asia and Australia

Gambling is taxed differently around the world. Some countries tax the players as well as the operators, whereas some only target the operators. Some are also more lenient on taxes levied to online casinos, which is why these countries are considered tax havens. However, in other countries, gambling is completely illegal. This article examines the […]

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News 18-05-2019

Calculate expected value of your casino bonus easily (with examples!)

Math matters. When you are looking at a sportsbook, casino or poker bonus to claim, they have conditions attached. By looking at these conditions you can quickly and easily calculate the expected value of your bonus, in order to be able to rank it against other bonuses. Bonuses on website online kladionice, for example, all […]

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News 18-05-2019

Are sports betting bonuses better than casino bonuses?

In this article we’ll compare sports betting bonuses to casino bonuses to see which ones offer more value. Sports betting bonuses, such as the ones you can find on stave 123, are usually only decent in terms of cash value but they offer inherent playability as the gambler can make an educated guess, whereas casino […]

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News 16-04-2019

Best casinos for Norwegian players

Since gambling laws are so strict in Norway, and you’re legally only allowed to bet with two state-owned operators, most Norwegians simply disregard this and play where they want in order to get access to better games. does a huge job for those people as it explains which casinos are good and which are […]

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News 22-02-2019

What did Albanian total gambling ban bring?

On January 1st, 2019, the Albanian government passed the bill that banned gambling in the country, both offline and online. Casino Albania is a search term that no longer produces clickable results as the operators and other websites are blocked, jobs are lost, tax income disappeared, and the residents of the country are finding other […]

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News 16-02-2019

Different types of bookmaker offers

Let’s take a break from casino gambling and have a look at what our friends who place sports bets are doing to make money. Most of their strategies include free bet offers in some shape or form, so we’ll take a look at what types of offers are there, and how do they differ to […]

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News 09-01-2019

Online Casino Games and Free Spins

Let’s get cracking on some information about some online casino games! I will divide this article to cover the two main aspects of online gambling, mainly playing at video slot machines or choosing to play at the more “land-based inspired” live casino games. Slots First and foremost, the most important aspect to note when playing […]

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