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News 05-01-2019

Why use review sites when choosing a casino

Casino and the player don’t actually need a mediator, they’d do just fine if they just got together without outside help. At least the casino would, as the uninformed player is the biggest money maker for them. That’s where review sites come in, especially those that have the courage to speak the truth, such as […]

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News 30-11-2018

Regulatory mess in Netherlands – When will the new bill pass?

Around 500.000 Dutch people gamble online every year, which actually isn’t much compared to the country’s population of 17 million, and only 13% of all gambling in Netherlands is done online. That’s a lower percentage than in most of Europe. The reason for this is the regulatory mess as authorities have tried to ban online […]

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News 10-11-2018

Warning – Don’t play at rogue online casinos

A word of caution for all online gamblers – don’t play at rogue online casinos that have been blacklisted by organizations that check online casinos for their business practices. There are online casinos that are openly rogue and don’t even care about their reputation anymore but continue to accept players. It’s important to regularly check […]

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News 02-11-2018

PayPal as an alternative payment method for UK gamblers

While most UK gamblers just take the easy way and deposit money to an online casino or sportsbook or something else using a card issued by their bank, there are alternative ways to deposit and withdraw money, and PayPal is one of these. While not allowed in many other countries, in the UK PayPal is […]

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News 16-10-2018

Is sports betting a good alternative to gambling?

Gambling is a game of chance that usually involves an opportunity to win big. Sports betting is usually considered the opposite, a game of skill, but can it fulfill the role of casino games and still be a good alternative to gambling? Are the best betting sites good enough to give a gambler what he […]

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News 04-09-2018

New slot games September 2018

Some are back to school, some are back from vacation and can now enjoy the usual routine of working and enjoying online slots during off hours. You definitely have your own slot game favorites which you always go back to, yet you’ll want to try out the new releases. Websites such as onlinecasino announce new […]

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News 20-07-2018

Latest promo codes explained

What we have for you today are the latest promo codes by a well-known provider of fun, William Hill casino. Click the link to visit the list of all the promo codes that you can claim, there’s really a ton of them and the article explains everything in detail in one page. It’s like visiting […]

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News 22-05-2018

Top high production slots to play in 2018

If you’re like us and want the slot game to make use of everything that’s possible to do, and want a slot game to be a work of art, then you’re probably searching for slots with stunning visuals and high production value in every department. These slots draw you into their world and give you […]

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News 22-05-2018

Most popular slots Intertops slot in April + 150% bonus in May!

Ever wondered what are the most popular slots people play? In case of Realtime Gaming slots we’ve got an answer for you, and in April in Intertops the most popular slot game by far was Cash Bandits 2, released in Summer 2017, and a sequel to the hugely popular 2015 title. Obviously, despite almost a […]

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Best casino table games to play
Baccarat 15-05-2018

Which casino table game is the best choice to play?

Almost by default, casino players choose to play slots and rarely do they do anything else. However, what if you want to change it up a bit and be a serious old school gambler who plays table games? Are there better and worse table games? Are there those that can be beaten? There are around […]

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