OneTouch Launched New Baccarat Title: OneTouch Baccarat

OneTouch launched new baccarat title: OneTouch Baccarat, with a focus on single-touch ergonomics.

OneTouch Technology’s new baccarat title, OneTouch Baccarat, is a ground-breaking new version of baccarat providing the most intuitive user experience to date.

The bilingual game UX caters to the caucasian as well as Chinese audiences, and will without a doubt be hugely popular with the latter, as the design is slightly leaning to that side.

The game is currently being added into various Asian-facing Isle of Man licenced operators. Since is embracing Bitcoin as the core feature of their business, you can expect to see this title at as well.

OneTouch Baccarat embraces the mobile philosophy and ditches the usual desktop design in favor of simplicity, which results in a one-of-a-kind baccarat available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

On desktop and tablet, however, the game no longer looks as good, and is best played on mobile.

While playing OneTouch Baccarat, players can place bets and play on their smartphone using just one finger, making it perfect for on-the-go betting.

OneTouch has also developed its signature “squeeze” feature, in which players can gradually roll any edge of the card to reveal, increasing the suspense and thrill of the game.

OneTouch Baccarat’s predecessor, OneTouch Blackjack, was released in mid-2016, with the decks which are shuffled using a Provably Fair RNG, allowing players to verify the fairness and integrity of the cards dealt to them.

The game is integrated with some leading Asian-facing, Isle of Man-licensed operators. It offers a range of side-bet options for players to enjoy and features the two most popular roadmaps: Bead Road and Big Road.

Matthew Rochman, head of OneTouch, said:

“OneTouch Blackjack has already proved a huge success for operators looking to offer players an innovative and mobile-focused take on classic table games. OneTouch Baccarat is perfect for those betting on smartphones across a number of important jurisdictions, and I am sure it will prove extremely popular.”

Apart from the baccarat, OneTouch is planning to give operators the power to reward loyalty bonuses in the form of free bets on OneTouch Blackjack. All winnings will be available to withdraw as cash without rollover. OneTouch is the developer of premium table games for online casinos worldwide and plans to add roulette, casino Hold’em, pachinko, and jackpot lotto to its fast-growing portfolio later this year.

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