At GamblersFever we rate casinos and slot games with what is effectively a 41-point rating system. The range of our grades for each respective rating category has a spread od 41 points: the top 20 points represent a positive grade, then there’s the base value of 80, and the 20 points below that represent a negative grade.

Although our reviews use a 0 to 100 graphical representation, we are only using the last 41 points, taking 80 as the base value. Anything 79 and under means the grade is negative and that negativeness can range 0-20 points, 60 being the worst grade we can award. Likewise, anything 81 and over means our grade is positive and that positiveness can range 0-20 points, 100 being the best possible grade.

Reason for using such a rating system is that one single bad feature shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the overall grade of the slot game or the casino, for example, poor graphics on an otherwise very fun and rewarding slot game, or the absence of a welcome bonus in an otherwise fantastic casino. By using the 41-point system we are reducing the volatility of our grades and are keeping all reviewed items on the same boat, subtly ahead or behind one another.

At the same time, our rating system is wide enough to allow for slot games and casinos to be ranked behind one another in a neat order, without too many items ending up with similar overall average.

Last but not least, our grade has a degree sign as it shows how close is a product to giving us the gamblers fever! The bottom value of 60 could be described as room temperature, and 99-100 Fahrenheit is an obvious sign of fever. Or a sign that we are absolutely crazy for the product or one of its features.


slot-review-box-spidermanGRAPHICS – We not only look at visual appeal of a slot, but only look at the resolution, inventiveness of the theme, use of colors, animations, speed of spins, and whether the slot game is tiring on the eyes or not. All that sums up into our Graphics rating.

FUN – Although certain slot games aren’t fun to play but the anticipation of winning is greater than with some “fun” slots, in this category we’re grading how fun is the slot to play. If there’s more stuff to do, if there are skill-based games, bonus rounds, free spins, some kind of progress in the game, then the slot game gets a better grade for Fun. On the other hand, repetitive slot games won’t score as high in this category.

BONUSES SCORE – Every slot game has some kind of a bonus game or at least free spins feature, and that is usually the goal of playing slots, to get to that bonus game. We’re grading it in this category, and the general idea is to give a better grade to a bonus game which is more worthy of the anticipation.

PAYOUT AND VALUE – This is one for the pragmatic slot player, as it grades the overall payout of the slot and the financial value in playing it. The better the return-to-player (RTP) or/and the value of the bonus game or the jackpot, the better the grade. A slot game can reach a good grade in this category by either having a good payout or by having a jackpot that’s worth the wait. We also look at variance.


casino-review-box-5dimesFINANCIAL SECURITY – The most important aspect of every casino. By looking at the licence(s), data protection protocols, player reviews / complaints, and our overall familiarity with the brand’s practices, we try to estimate how safe your money is and how likely are you to get paid. Most casinos on GamblersFever have a good grade in this category as we tend to not review the poor ones.

RANGE OF GAMES – While not important to every player, the wider range of games does by default imply the playground is better. We don’t expect every casino to be an aggregator of software; some only rely on a single provider and that’s perfectly fine. But we will award points for having or not having a live casino, and will go through the table games. We firmly believe table games are the base of any casino, therefore online casinos are expected to satisfy the customer in this aspect. We will tolerate a single slot game provider, we will not tolerate the absence of quality table games as that means the casino isn’t serious and wants to avoid the games which have lower house edge.

LOYALTY PROGRAM – Since we’re reviewing casinos from the perspective of a high roller, we have a specific category that grades how good the loyalty program and VIP program are, and what kind of service will a VIP player get. And, of course, how easy or hard it is to climb the ladder and become VIP at a certain casino. This is where casinos are really separated from one another; while some are for real and will provide some serious real-world high class experience to a VIP player, the others are just for show so they’ll dodge their responsibilities in this aspect of the whole casino experience.

QUALITY AND VALUE – This is mostly about the house edge. Different software providers of slot games have different RTP ranges, and some casinos will intentionally avoid the providers or individual games that have high RTP or, if they have them, they’ll limit their accountability for the purposes of fulfilling the rollover requirement for that welcome bonus. Also, casinos have different house edges on table games, different minimum bet, different maximum bet and maximum payout. Welcome bonus, reload bonuses, cashback and other promotional offers can also affect casino’s Quality and Value positively, but a bad bonus can’t affect it negatively – as in that case we’ll just suggest forgetting about the bonus and enjoying the quality casino instead.

We hope you find our reviews useful. Feel free to browse through our range of casino reviews and slot game reviews as we wrote them for you, to help you separate wheat from chaff and to let you find the perfect casino or slot game for you.