PayPal as an alternative payment method for UK gamblers

While most UK gamblers just take the easy way and deposit money to an online casino or sportsbook or something else using a card issued by their bank, there are alternative ways to deposit and withdraw money, and PayPal is one of these. While not allowed in many other countries, in the UK PayPal is accepted without any problems, and you just need to go to Paypal betting sites and have an open PayPal account and you’re done.

Why use PayPal?

Why use PayPal as a deposit/withdrawal method for gambling in the first place? Well, there wouldn’t normally be any reason to do so compared to using your credit or debit card, but it’s just convenient in so many ways if you’re already using PayPal for something else. For example, if you’re shopping a lot online you may want to cut the middleman and just gamble from your PayPal account and therefore make money to buy stuff. Likewise, if you’re an eBay seller or do a lot of business online and get paid via PayPal, it would be inconvenient for you to first withdraw your money to your bank account and then send it to a gambling facility. It’s easier to just deposit straight from PayPal. People who don’t use PayPal regularly in their lives won’t have a reason to start using it just for gambling, but for these two groups PayPal is a perfect choice.

PayPal fees

There is a fee associated with depositing and withdrawing money on PayPal, but like we already mentioned, the purpose here is to allow a person that is already doing a lot of depositing and withdrawing on PayPal to use those same funds without having to withdraw the money first. So while there are fees, these people will actually benefit from using PayPal for gambling directly.

PayPal is one of the most secure deposit and withdrawal methods for gamblers, so it makes sense to use it, and it’s always better to use such a solution than to share sensitive details such as credit card numbers online. There was a time when PayPal couldn’t be used for gambling, but now this is perfectly fine with both PayPal and the operators, so many people will find it convenient to just use this payment processor for gambling – if they’re already using it for something else.

Choose a method that’s right for you

Most gamblers will already know that it’s important to choose a deposit and withdrawal method that charges the smallest fees or no fees at all, and which is convenient and fast. By using the wrong payment method you may take a few percent off your money that could have been used for gambling, and for everyone the right payment method will be different. If you’re getting paid for your work via Skrill then you’ll want to use that, and if you only have your bank account and card you’ll want to use that. For many, PayPal will be the payment method of choice because they’re already using PayPal for other things.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account but want one, just go ahead and open an account for free.

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