In order to give recognition to top online gaming services, GamblersFever will occasionally award a Seal of Approval to those that deserve it. The Seal is a sign we have a very high opinion of a certain service and that it is largely flawless, without any significant drawbacks in any aspect, and that it holds great value for the player. In an industry which can be dodgy at times to say the least, it is imperative to recognize those who do it the right way and provide a quality product. Depending on the nature of the product, the seal may imply many different traits such as trustworthiness, value, quality – but will always mean only one thing – we’re standing behind a certain product or service with our word.

Only services listed on this page hold the GamblersFever Seal of Approval. Unauthorised use and display of the Seal is a breach of copyright and is enforceable by law. It is not possible to apply for the Seal or suggest something deserves to have it; we will identify quality on our own, without outside interference.

Note that if a product or service we review or link to on GamblersFever does not hold the Seal Of Approval, it doesn’t mean it does not offer you value in one way or another. We will never knowingly suggest you enjoy your gaming anywhere where there is any doubt on trustworthiness or quality, but only the best of the best will get to carry the Seal.



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Omnislots 22 Oct 2019


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Scrooge 11 Jan 2017

Immortal Romance 29 Jun 2017

Flame Busters 30 Jul 2017


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