Ooh Aah Dracula is a very immersive slot game by Barcrest and it has tons of extra features, and decision-making is involved in every step of playing this interesting slot game. You’ll want to sink your teeth into this wickedly good slot with bloody good bonus games.

We do enjoy fun slots with extra features, and Ooh Aah Dracula is one of these. When we started testing the slot, we immediately chose to ‘purchase’ 5 high roller spins for 30.00 where ‘super graveyard bonus is awarded if free spins are triggered’, and ended up having 1410.00 on a starting balance of 1000.00 once the high roller spins were over, and it took a while because each spin was the start of some new game.


We first got the Heart Attack bonus. Which in turn triggered free spins, where the first round is 15 free spins where the wild symbol was J. After the free spins are over, you either get to collect the winnings or forfeit them in order to advance to the second free spins round, with 10 free spins and 2 wild symbols. After that there’s one more round with only 5 spins but 3 wild symbols. We went all the way and eventually won 44.00 on the third game, though the second one would have given us the biggest winnings in hindsight, 62.00.

After that goes the super graveyard bonus, which is what you really want. There are 5 gravestones to choose from, and just by clicking the right one you can win 150 coins. We had two graveyard bonuses and managed to click the right one both times, winning a total of 300 coins.

Actually, the high roller spins aren’t the biggest bet you can make on this slot. Hi roller spins are 30.00 for 5 spins, and the maximum bet in the ‘standard’ game is 50.00 per line for a total of 500.00. Now that’s high roller. While as fun as any slot, the standard game is inferior to the hi roller spins which trigger all the bonuses.

When you get three Heart symbols anywhere, you’ll get free spins, and will get from one to three rounds of free spins depending on the number of Hearts won during the Heart Attack mini-game. The symbols that are wild will be chosen randomly, and they will be influencing your decision on whether to collect the winnings of the previous round or to go for the next one, as seen in this screenshot:


Over a week of testing slots for GamblersFever website, this was the most fun to play, and the only one that left us with a winning balance of 1610.00 on a starting balance of 1000.00. After an hour of playing in free mode we actually went on to play for real, and won a decent sum again. Thumbs up for the Ooh Aah Dracula slot, good job by the Barcrest guys. And if we know this is among the highest-paying slots in the online gambling universe overall, then the story gets even more interesting and the player gets even more tempted to try this slot out. The RTP varies between 96.00% and 99.00%. The ‘hi roller’ game has 99.00% return while ‘normal’ play has 96.00%.

Ooh Aah Dracula – Where to play and where to get bonuses?

Now, where do you play Ooh Aah Dracula slot? Since it’s created by a lesser software studio, not too many online casinos will have it as there are lots of casinos that stick to one software provider only. William Hill Casino Club have it in their Games section. SkyVegas and Grosvenor have it, and so do VideoSlots where the theoretical payout is listed as 99.00%. So, while you won’t be able to play Ooh Aah Dracula at any casino you want, this game is worth chasing down and signing up with a casino just to be able to play it.