Taking the name of Charles Dickens novel is a great responsibility, but A Christmas Carol online slot by Betsoft delivers, and then some. This is a visually stunning online slot with the highest production quality, and it is the best Christmas-themed slot since its release in December 2015.

A Christmas Carol online slot will put you in the home of Ebenezer Scrooge in London as he prepares for sleep, yet something spooky is coming his way as he anticipates the visits of Past, Present and Future ghosts. While Scrooge will be frightened by these apparitions, you will be wishing for their arrival as often as possible as they will be bringing you free spins (Past and Future) and wild symbols (Present).


This slot game doesn’t have too high of a RTP, only 94.58%, but there are ways to reduce the house edge. First of all, there’s the Double Up feature that lets you flip a coin and go double or nothing – not that we recommend it with larger winnings – and there’s also the Stop feature which you can learn to use to your advantage in order to get the symbol that you need on the last reel or two. During our test play we have been able to build our balance to 7000 coins, starting from 1000, without using the Double Up, using Stop to certain degree of success. Most importantly, we’ve been between 4000 and 7000 coins for a very long time, eventually calling it quits at 7850, despite A Christmas Carol being labeled as a medium-variance medium-RTP slot. For us, it worked quite well.


A Christmas Carol is different than the other slots – here you won’t care at all about the regular symbols and will just be after the three scatter symbols – Past, Present and Future Ghosts, and you’ll actually win more often with scatter symbols than with regular ones. Nice balance. Plus the scatter symbols are graphically appealing and both easy to spot and easy to distinguish from one another, so you can catch them easily with your peripheral vision. When you get two same scatter symbols on the first two or three reels, the spin of the remaining reels will take much longer, which both increases the suspense and lets you use the Stop button if you wish. The Stop button can be used to improve your chances of getting that third symbol, and you need to click at the moment when you haven’t seen that symbol on the reel for a second or so. You’ll get the hang of it, but the most important takeaway here is that Stop doesn’t stop randomly but you are actually stopping the reel where you want to.


The only thing A Christmas Carol is lacking is some sort of a bonus game, preferably something skill-based, and this makes the play rather one-dimensional as you just keep waiting for those free spins. Not that it’s not interesting as is. There’s a 513,000 coin jackpot.

To conclude, A Christmas Carol is an online slot of the highest quality and you’ll enjoy playing it, especially on large screens as it’s a high-resolution slot with stunning graphics. It’s fun to play and it’s rewarding, and there’s a chance you might want to play this one even when December passes. It’s the small touches that make a difference – for example, during Past Ghost free spins, the reel are spinning in the opposite direction. The only way to experience this amazing slot is to actually play it.

All Betsoft casinos have it, and the best choice is 5Dimes, or more specifically their Jackpot Casino which hosts this game. This makes A Christmas Carol available to US players as well. The others may just as well go to 5Dimes too, or choose Bet365, Mansion or Videoslots instead. All three are great places to play, and offer welcome bonuses which can be redeemed by playing A Christmas Carol.

For a full list of best Christmas slots check out our Best Christmas slots 2016 article and see how does this slot game rank on the list!

Return to Player (RTP)
Total Game: 94.58%
Line Pays: 52.01%
Christmas Present: 24.38%
Christmas Past: 9.10%
Christmas Future: 9.10%

Hit Rate
Line Pays: 19.98%
Christmas Present: 0.91%
Christmas Past: 0.91
Christmas Future: 0.92%

General Game Details
Game Type: Slots3TM Video Slot
Reel Type: Standard Spinning Reels
Reels, Paylines: 5 Reel, 25 Paylines
Default Bet Per Line: 1-5
Default Coin Values: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00
Default Min/Max Bet: 0.25 / 1.25
Default Bet: 1.25 (0.01 coin, 5 bets per line)

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