Ghosts of Christmas is a 2012 Playtech slot game and is one of two slots designed around the well-known Charles Dickens novel, the other one being a 2015 Betsoft title A Christmas Carol. Ghost of Christmas is a low-RTP medium-variance slot that has three bonus rounds, appropriately named Past, Present and Future, and has a decent Autoplay feature that lets you do something else until the bonus feature is triggered.

Line bet is from $0.01 to whopping $50, and you can bet from 1 to 20 lines, giving incredible flexibility and making Ghosts of Christmas both a penny slot and a slot for high rollers with a max bet of $1000. Careful with that Bet Max button!

After playing this game for a while we can put things into perspective and tell you how large does your bankroll have to be. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need to have a bankroll of 100x your bet size. So if your bet is $1, bankroll should be $100. If your bet is $20, bankroll should be $2000 to play this game comfortably. This is good, Ghosts of Christmas has medium variance and won’t be eating up your bankroll rapidly. It will eventually, but not rapidly.

Graphics are the worst part of this slot game. They’re in poor resolution, spins are in poor frame rate, and the artwork is inadequate as it features 1995-style computer game characters, and poorly drawn, too. There are animations and various bonus screens, so it’s not that awful once you get used to this slot game. But still, the biggest drawback is that the spinning reels aren’t blurred, so after a while the spinning symbols start tiring the eyes.

This slot game has an excellent Autoplay feature where you can choose to spin the reels automatically until a feature is triggered. It says so, you just clikc Until feature. Most players will (and should) be using this to their advantage. Spins are pretty fast in this slot game, so on Autoplay the game progresses quickly.

This Playtech title has awful RTP of 92.33%, but the number is that low mostly because the bonus features aren’t very rewarding. During normal play, Ghosts of Christmas feels like any high-RTP game, and only after you get disappointed with low wins during bonus features do you come to realize that the bonus features – unlike in other slots – won’t expressly bring you back to positive.

Is it worth playing Ghosts of Christmas? No, not really. A Christmas Carol is a far superior slot game and is in fact one of the few that got the GamblersFever Seal of Approval so you’ll choose that one if you want to be drawn into the Charles Dickens world, and you’ll choose one of the best Christmas slots if you’re just after playing some holiday-themed slots that are worth your time and money. Or just go through the list of all Christmas slots.


If you want to play Ghosts of Christmas, you’ll find it in a lot of UK casinos, and Playtech doesn’t cater to US players so this is yet another reason to go with some other slot game. The best casino with this game is Bet365 so head over there to try this one out for yourself.