Mega Joker is the more famous of two ‘Mega Joker’ named slots (the other one being a Novomatic title) and is the one with a much higher payout that ranks it among the slot games with the highest payout in general. In fact, with 99.00% RTP it’s ranked #4 overall. It is, of course, the highest-paying NetEnt slot game, and the game is the same at all online casinos – they don’t get to set payout on their own.

Mega Joker is an old-style fruit machine with jokers, fruits and 7s, and it is incredibly fun to play, at least for those players who enjoy fruit machines. For many it’s a trip down the memory lane and a chance to experience a proper fruit machine online. Among online fruit machines, Mega Joker by NetEnt is the best.

Like most fruit machines, Mega Joker offers a base game (lower three reels) and the supergame (upper three reels) where real money is made, and the entry to the upper reels is possible only by winning something on the bottom reels.

The game is giving you a choice to play for less money or more money, and just like with most slots out there, Mega Joker ought to be played with max bet. In that case, the bottom reels can pay up to 2000x, although the reasonable maximum is 200x, and the coins won in that base game are then transferred to the upper reel. You can cashout immediately, or you can invest 20 or 40 coins on each spin. Winnings are much higher on upper reels, especially on cherries where they’re 10x higher, even if the maximum win is the same. This is where you can win up to 2000 credits simply for getting one Mystery Joker in any position on the reels, and this is where the theoretical return of 99.00% is coming from. So, it does pay off to invest in spinning the upper reels. It’s good for you.


Without the upper reels boosting your profits, the value can go down to 76.90%, so it is very common to see Mega Joker eating up your money before caughing up a big return. Despite the maximum possible bet of €10, this is one for the high rollers as it takes quite a bit of patience to get the win, and there is risk involved as you do need a large enough bankroll to see this one through. Although, you might just win quickly, like we did in the example above on our first spin.

Mega Joker deposit bonus

Of course, only the online casinos that feature NetEnt games will have this one. And many of these casinos will restrict the ability to play through the bonus wagering requirements by spinning Mega Joker reels as that would be too easy. But there are some casinos that somehow forgot to implement this restriction.

Which casinos have Mega Joker slot? You’ll find it in the Arcade section of Bet365 Vegas, and that casino is giving you up to €100 welcome bonus and 25 free spins (though not for this slot). Videoslots also have Mega Joker, though it won’t contribute fully to the wagering requirements but only with 25%.