Ocean Princess is a slot for the princess that’s hiding in every adult woman, and since the theme is so polarizing, Ocean Princess is a slot very few men will be drawn to. But let’s look beyond the theme, as we always do, and review Ocean Princess for what it’s really worth as an online slot in terms of payout, playability, fun and value.

It’s one of the top-three slots with highest return to player (RTP) at 99.07%, making it a favorite among the more skilled slot players who don’t want the slot game to eat up their bankroll quickly. It’s a Playtech slot and that means two things – payout is the same at all casinos where you’ll find this slot, and you’ll find few US-facing casinos that offer it.


Ocean Princess slot has five rows with three reels each, and after you choose your bet (min. $0.05 max. $25) the first row will spin and you get to choose which (if any) symbols you wish to Hold. Those you hold will be stuck on the other four rows as well, and only the empty reels will spin. This kind of decision-making can let you have some control over what happens, and it pays off to keep the highest-value symbols while not keeping the lesser ones. It’s better to hold nothing than to hold a low-value symbol simply because of the urge to hold at least one.

Jackpot in Ocean Princess is 1000 coins, and with a maximum bet of $25 that means $25,000. When not playing with maximum bet, however, the jackpot will only be 250 coins, and this is why we advise always betting max on Ocean Princess as that’s when the game has the highest RTP. If you play less than max, the slot drops down to average RTP numbers.


The Ocean Princess slot is easy to learn yet difficult to master, as there is only one choice to make yet you need to master it. The simplicity of the gameplay actually becomes very serious once you realize you’re affecting the winnings with your Hold choices. Always bet max and always hold only the valuable symbols such as Crown, Red Star, Yellow Star, Green Star and Red Crab. The others are not worth it and are just taking up space for a potential Crown.

Ocean Princess slot deposit bonus

Since this is a high-RTP slot over which casinos have no power as the RTP is embedded in the game, very few casinos will let you play through your wagering requirements by spinning the reels on Ocean Princess. But there are still those that do. Mansion Casino and Casino.com will let you play through your bonus with Ocean Princess, and VideoSlots will let you have 25% contribution so you’ll choose them if you intend to play other slots as well.