Tropic Reels is a classic style multispin slot game with a jungle theme, developed by Playtech. There are 3 reels, 5 rows, and after spinning the first row the player gets to choose which, if any, symbols he wishes to Hold. Tropic Reels has a high payout of 99.00%, ranking it among the top five best-paying slots out there. Since it’s a Playtech slot, it’s the same in all casinos as they don’t get to change the payout %.

There are players who want to win and players who want to have fun. Tropic Reels is not for the latter as it isn’t fun at all. There are no bonuses, no free spins, no extras, nothing. Just a mathematically very favorable game with a 1% edge in which the player gets to largely influence the outcome of winning by holding the right symbols.

Tropic Reels slot payout and win combinations

Wins in Tropic Reels aren’t that common, further reducing the fun element, and it takes a while before you get that big win that doubles your bankroll instantly. This is indeed a slot for the patient and skillful expert slot player who is in it to win it, and the casual player will give up pretty soon. Tropic Reels is one of the three high-paying multispin slots, and is the golden middle between Goblin’s Cave with 3 rows and Ugga Bugga with 10 rows.

Tropic Reels screenshot

The reason why you usually have to wait for a while before you match a big winning combination is that there are 14 symbols in Tropic Reels, and there are blanks too. But thee is a mathematically correct way to play the game and the player should have the edge over the house in the long run if he Holds the right symbols. Contrary to what the game will suggest by automatically holding the symbol, it doesn’t pay off to Hold the coconut. Sure, any row with at least 1 coconut will be a winner, any with 2 will win 3x and any with 3 will win 10x, but the end result will be that you won your stake back on all five rows. If you got a rare symbol on the first spin, better hold that one instead.

Just like with all other multispin slots, the general idea is to Hold the right symbols and thereby provoke a big win which will come sooner or later, as opposed to holding lower-value symbols. In Tropic Reels, Parrots are the most valuable symbol but perhaps a bit too rare for the payout. Expect to see 1 or 2 Parotts in one 18-symbol spin. Oranges seem to be a bit too rare as well, and Frogs (~3 per spin) are a good symbol to hold. Flowers are common but pay too little to be of any importance. You’ll find your own Tropic Reels strategy, these are just some tips to get you started.

Tropic Reels slot deposit bonus and where to play

All Playtech casinos are likely to have Tropic Reels slot, but most of them probably won’t let you play through your welcome bonus wagering requirements by playing this slot, since it’s a high-payout slot and therefore risky for the casino. However, and Mansion Casino are two casinos that have this game and that let you play through their incredibly generous welcome bonuses by playing high-RTP slot games such as Tropic Reels. also have this slot game but any wagers on it will contribute only 25% to the wagering requirements for the bonus.