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Friday, 18 September 2020

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Articles from category: Realtime Gaming

Rudolph’s Revenge


Rudolph’s Revenge is a slot game that’s part of the Realtime Gaming (RTG) Christmas slots series and is a rather old title as it was released in January 2009. It doesn’t show in the graphics, and this is actually a nice Christmas slot with a dark sense of humour and



Snowmania is a quality Christmas slot game by Realtime Gaming (RTG) released on 23 November 2016, and offers low variance, interesting gameplay, frequent small wins and some multipliers on repeat wins. A very tight slot in the best sense of the word, yet very loose when it comes to paying.

Naughty or Nice


It takes a special kind of mind to come up with a slot game like Naughty or Nice by Realtime Gaming (RTG) as it features two rather sexy Santa’s helpers, a deer with a bra on his horns, and then on top of that an Ugly Grandma that’s coming to

The Elf Wars


The Elf Wars is a Christmas slot game by Realtime Gaming (RTG) published in December 2012, and it’s a download-only game that has its bad sides and good sides. It’s one for high rollers and experienced slot players as the maximum bet is $250 and in case of lower bets

The Nice List


The Nice List is a Christmas slot by Realtime Gaming (RTG) that’s complimentary to The Naughty List and is its successor published in December 2015. This one is equally, if not more, fun. One would be forgiven for thinking this slot game is nice, but it again revolves around two

The Naughty List


The Naughty List is a Realtime Gaming slot with five reels and 50 paylines, published in December 2014, and it features all the usual Christmasy stuff, albeit a bit naughty with two sexy elves appearing all the time on your reels. The Naughty List is a very good slot game



Santastic is a cute little Christmas slot game by Realtime Gaming (RTG) that’s just simple enough and fun enough to go with the holiday spirit. By simple we mean it’s a 3-reel 5-payline slot game with a maximum bet of $1.25, just what you need for relaxing during the holidays.

Ghost Ship


Ghost Ship is a Realtime Gaming (RTG) slot that was released in March 2015 and that features a sunk pirate ship theme, along with inevitable ghosts that haunt it and its treasure. You assume the role of an explorer of a pirate shipwreck and must find the treasure before the



Achilles slot is a Realtime Gaming (RTG) online slot, and it’s popular among veteran slots players because of its no-nonsense fast spins which don’t waste time on needless animation, good payout of around 95%, and frequent bonus rounds which are the goal of the game. This slot is based on

Three Stooges 2


Comical legends since the 1920s, Larry, Moe and Curly continue their hilarious antics on the Three Stooges II slot game at the superior Grand Fortune Online Casino. This free online slot will have any player laughing… all the way to the bank! Summary of the Game Paylines: 3 Reels: 3