Scrooge is a classic slot by Microgaming and it was the first slot game themed around the classic Charles Dickens novel. Microgaming released Scrooge in 2009 and the slot game has aged well, it looks nice even according to modern-day standards. For a classic slot game, it has amazing graphics.

Despite being a classic slot, this one’s a gem even when video slots and 3D slots are included, and is one of the best slots out there even for those who aren’t fan of classic slots. It’s so fun to play, and it’s very rewarding, all that wrapped up in a nice theme and available at numerous online casinos.

Scrooge is in fact the highest-RTP slot themed around the famed Dickens novel, as A Christmas Carol has 94.55% and Ghosts of Christmas has 92.33%. Scrooge has 96.74% RTP, and the important thing to note here is that that high RTP is readily available to you in shape of Free Spins feature, and doesn’t rely on some progressive jackpot or bonus feature that never gets triggered. In terms of value, Scrooge is very close to high-payout slot games.

This one ought to be played aggressively. Reason being, it’s a slot game that demands a lot and pays out a lot, so it makes sense to race to the Free Spins feature with the highest possible bet that your bankroll can handle.

There are two bonus games in Scrooge. The Free Spins feature in Scrooge is incredibly fun as it gives meaning to your normal spins. Each time you get a win, you can click on one of the winning symbols and you’ll either advance one day through the Christmas countdown or will add one free spin to the bonus feature. Christmas countdown starts with Dec 1st with 1 free spin, and you can expect to collect around 25 free spins before the feature gets triggered.

And during the Free Spins feature all wins are doubled – what a joy! This Christmas coundown and the doubled wins during those 25+ free spins are one of the best and most rewarding bonus games we’ve seen. This is really a slot worth playing for real money and worth investing in, as it can produce nice wins. Also, at the start of the game you won’t start with Dec 1st but a more advanced date, which means you’ll be very close to the Free Spins feature.

We were able to repeatedly win 15,000+ coins during the Free Spins feature, and once even won almost 60,000 coins which translated into 6,000 because our coin value was 0.10. That was won on a starting bank of 2000 (see below) and we finished the session with 7582 coins.

What’s good about this is the predictability. You know how many more spins you need in order to reach the bonus feature, and that takes away the randomness from playing. For example, if you had Dec 23rd on your Christmas calendar and you’re running out of money, it’s worth topping up your account because you know you’ll reach the bonus feature within 5-10 spins and will win thousands.

Interestingly, changing your bet size does not reset the bonus counter. You may change the bet size as you wish, and will still keep progressing towards your goal. The bet that triggered the bonus feature will be valid for the bonus feature win multipliers.

There’s also a smaller bonus game, offering wins up to 10,000 coins, that gets triggered when you get 3, 4 or 5 scatters anywhere on reels. It’s called Xmas Dinner Bonus, and you’ll see five dinner guests (see below). You’ll assign to each of them a multiplier, and then one guest will be chosen randomly, giving you his designated multiplier on your bet size. It’s a nice addition to the game, but not something that will make you a lot of money, and the feature doesn’t get triggered very often.

The symbols in Scrooge are nicely designed, and they’re easily distinguishable from one another. The five lesser symbols are items Scrooge uses daily, and then there are the six more valuable symbols, which are characters, Scrooge being the most valuable one with a 600 coin win if you get five of a kind. Then there’s the Scatter symbol which isn’t worth that much, and the Wild which is the most valuable symbol in the game, not only because it substitutes all symbols except for Scatter or because five of a kind is worth 6000 coins, but because all Wild wins are doubled.

To conclude, Scrooge is an awesome slot that will appeal to more experienced players who know how to see the value in it, and particularly to high rollers as this one pays. Really pays.

Now, where to play Scrooge? Obviuosly you need a reliable casino that you can trust with your money, and a deposit bonus wouldn’t be something you’d refuse. Since this isn’t a high-RTP slot (although it really is), casinos won’t exclude it from the rollover requirements. William Hill and Videoslots are the best places to play this slot game, and there’s up to €400 total bonus money you can get at these two casinos that you can use on the Scrooge slot.