Secret Santa is a December 2013 title by Microgaming and it remains one of the better Christmas-themed slots to this day. It features 1024 paylines, and the bet can range from $0.50 to $25 per spin, giving a nice range from casual players to high rollers. Secret Santa is a fun slot game that has seven different bonus games.

Secret Santa Bonus is randomly triggered and awards one of the seven mystery features: Wild Reels, Wild Boost, 5 Free Spins with 3x multiplier, Mystery Multiplier 5x or 10x, Dashing Wilds, Scatter Spree, or Rolling Reels. Not much you can do about this as it’s randomly triggered, but it’s spicing up the game nicely.

Sadly, this is the only feature in this game and there are no bonus games triggered by Scatter symbols, but they instead pay out 50x, 250x, or 5000x bet. Not fun at all – the Scatters have been reduced to a high-value symbol but don’t really add anything to the game.

Whenever you get five of a kind unassisted by Wild symbols, the “5 of a Kind AGAIN!” feature triggers, and the symbols that were used to form the winning combination will re-spin, giving you yet another five of a kind winning combination, boosting your winnings. Very nice, especially when you first get a low-value five of a kind combination and then get a monster one on the re-spin.

Return-to-player (RTP) is listed as 96.32% and it’s decent enough for Microgaming, they were generous with this title. Secret Santa still feels like a slot game that demands a bigger investment and longer play in order to benefit from the bonus features enough to bring you back to positive. You’ll need a bigger bankroll to play this one. Relative to your bet size, of course. With a maximum bet 0f $25 we advise having a bankroll of at least $2500, preferably more than that.

Graphics are really nice, with that dark blue background and snow that’s falling over the suburbs, and all those houses that have decorated their Christmas tree and are waiting for Santa to arrive. You oversee them from the Santa perspective, and this really creates the atmosphere of this slot game. Most of the symbols on the reels are nicely done, and are animated, but some of them (card symbols) somewhat ruin the overall graphical appearance.

This is a Microgaming title so it isn’t available to US residents. You’ll find Secret Santa in all Microgaming casinos, and there are quite a few. Play this slot game at William Hill Games or see the list of all Christmas slots or our selection of the best Christmas slot games.