Some things to consider when playing Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance which some players want to beat by taking advantage of various patterns and of betting strategies that are supposed to help the player win in the long run. Most of the time, the players lose their own money while testing those strategies, and this is, of course, a very bad way to learn how to play roulette. There are dedicated websites that give advanced information and provide professional roulette strategy. That’s the type of websites one should visit before indulging in that mystical game of roulette. This particular one,, is Dutch, but can be easily translated to your own language.

Staking strategies

There are many aspects to cover when choosing a winning roulette strategy. The most obvious one is, of course, the discussion about various staking strategies and examining if any work. For example, in the article we linked to in the first paragraph you can read about lesser known strategies such as James Bond, Mathoulette and The Snake. All the staking strategies deal with only one question – trying to make a profit when applying that staking strategy to a game of random chance. In practice that will mean we want to limit our losses during the losing streak (and prevent bankruptcy), and, if possible, maximize our wins when on a winning streak.

Which bet to choose?

Most roulette strategies focus on bets that have two outcomes, as it’s these bets that have the lowest possibility of a long losing streak in the game of roulette, as they’re the most probable bets. These include Red/Black and Even/Odd. However, there are many other strategies that include betting on different pieces of the wheel such as Orphanelles or betting on some pattern on the table such as The Snake, or a mixture of the two. Everyone will have his own opinion on what is the best thing to bet on on the roulette wheel, but it’s important to learn the basics before forming an opinion.

Quality articles such as the one linked to above examine these questions from the player’s point of view, and provide good information player can use. In case of roulette, it’s particularly important to read and learn more about the game before playing it for real, as it’s easy to lose the bankroll if a player has poor bank management / betting strategy.

There are other issues to consider when looking how to play roulette successfully, and this is first of all – where to play. Roulette can be played in a brick-and-mortar casino, where complaints are common regarding dishonest machines, and roulette can be played online. Again, the reason to play online is the honesty of the random number generator which can be validated, and it’s important to choose a reputable casino with a provably fair RNG. This then ensures the strategies and tactics for playing roulette are applied to a real game of chance where every outcome is indeed random. Or, if you ask the experienced players, there’s nothing random about it…

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