Is sports betting a good alternative to gambling?

Gambling is a game of chance that usually involves an opportunity to win big. Sports betting is usually considered the opposite, a game of skill, but can it fulfill the role of casino games and still be a good alternative to gambling? Are the best betting sites good enough to give a gambler what he wants?

High risk betting

First of all, gambling usually has a certain chance of winning big, and a lot of gamblers will invest disposable income into a chance to win a jackpot and change their life for the better. Sports betting can fulfill that role. If you’d put more than one game on a betting ticket, for example a dozen games, the odds would multiply and can easily reach 1000x your bet, or more. A lot of players play several such tickets for a smaller stake every weekend, opening the door to a potential huge win. Downside is, there usually are not enough games played to choose this many unless it’s Saturday. On the upside, you can choose the games yourself and therefore only the probable winners will end up on your ticket.

Two-sided bets

Some gamblers prefer a lower risk game, such as betting on Red or Black in roulette, and sports betting can fulfill this same purpose. The best way to do this is to place a bet on a single betting event that has two possible outcomes (not three), and you can then choose to play an event with odds close to evens (2.00) and therefore get the same experience as with roulette. Except that it will take a few hours for you to find out if the bet was won or not. Some sports bettors play two-sided bets exclusively and they take advantage of excellent odds in Asian markets for association or gridiron football, basketball or other sports. Difference from gambling is, here you can make an educated guess on which side is going to win.

Low risk betting

While many advise against this, in theory it’s possible to bet on low risk bets. It’s a well-known fact the odds on these bets are smaller than they should be, and there’s still a chance of losing, while at the same time the sports bettor is depriving himself of a chance to win big. It’s ill-advised to try to minimize risk while sports betting by steering towards small odds.

Gambling vs betting

The biggest downside of betting is its pedestrian pace, as the sports events last for hours and there’s a finite number of them in a given week, and it also takes a lot of time to do the research that allows a sports bettor to place a good bet. This can get really time consuming, and yet the sports bettor only has a limited number of opportunities to place bets in a given week. This is in stark contrast to playing slots, where you can play hundreds of spins in a single playing session.

Also, many gamblers don’t like the fact that you need to do research to place good bets, and prefer to put their money on random events where there are no details they might have missed or that could have led them in the wrong direction. Gambling is much more pure and gives direct access to luck, while sports betting is an art of predicting events. But in essence, sports betting can fulfill the same purpose as gambling.

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