The names of casino slots played in the UK

The United Kingdom has its own rules and preferences when it comes to gambling. Believe or not, you have to know the taste of the players to succeed in the high competitive gambling market. Are you a slot player from Norway? In that case you most likely play Jackpot 6000 or Mega Joker. Are you a slot player from Germany or Austria? I am sure you have heard of Sizzling Hot or Book of Ra. Are you a slot player from the UK? In the case you are, I am quite sure you never heard of any of the above mentioned casino slots.

Why the regional differences?

Back in the nineties, back in those times when there was not such a thing as online gambling, people were playing slots in the bars, pubs or local gambling shops. The games were pretty much the same all around the country and the choice was quite low. As stated in Slotzzz, the names of online casino games vary in each country and are a subject of a habit from the land based gambling shops. Therefore in the UK the real players know titles such as 20p roulette, Centurion slot, Centurion Free Spins or Super Hot Fruits.

Is there anything special about those popular games?

Looking at the quality of each popular UK casino game, I have to wonder. The game features are usually very poor, the design is like from 50 years ago, but players still like it. This made reconsider the whole gambling business. Why are companies such as NetEnt keeping the army of expensive designers and creatives? Why waste such money? The answer might be “because of the future”.

There are still less and less players going to the land based gambling shops and as the younger generation is about to take over, there will be one day a goodbye to the old school design and lousy game features. When is that about to happen? Not sure, but we already see the futuristic British online casinos, 3D live casinos, slot games with beautiful introduction videos, perfect game design and fantastic game features. Those features and functions which keep you glued to the screen for hours.

What about the regulation?

Regulation within the UK is a whole different story. The inquisition performed by the UK Gambling Commission has brought much better player protection and also decent  results in the fight against money laundering. On the other hand there were taken steps you can call a witch hunt. In May 2020 the UKGC admitted that many steps taken by them to slow down the gambling market lacked any effect. Steps such as free to play games ban did cost a lot of resources, but did not lead to any significant results. What is about to happen next? Not sure. Since the coronavirus took over the headlines, we only heard once from the UKGC. It was a reasonable restriction you can name as “Do not take advantage of the tragic situation”.  The further is about to be announced once the day to day business returns to normal.

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