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While the online casino gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate, it is also facing some challenges along the way. Examples of these include online casino brands providing mediocre/bad service (or worse no service at all) as well as video slots with unfair RNGs. Yes, there are regulatory authorities that routinely check on how these online casinos do business. However, with the hundreds of e-gaming sites operating today, you really can’t expect the authorities to cover all of the complaints. So what do they do then? They make use of a trusted third-party industry partner to resolve the complaints/issues raised by players. One of the most reputable of these so called Alternative Dispute Resolution service provider happens to be which is one of the few UKGC ADR services.

What is ThePOGG?

Established in 2011, ThePOGG is an online gambling portal that provides players with casino reviews, exclusive offers and promotions, guides, and a dispute mediation service. This year, the site got accreditation from the UK Gambling Commission as an Alternative Dispute Resolution service provider. This means that the site can mediate and help resolve issues that arise between online casinos accredited by the UKGC and their players.

Why use ThePOGG for dispute mediation?

Make no mistake about it though, ThePOGG isn’t the only online gambling portal that has an accredited ADR service. However, it’s one of the few that can boast of truly being independent and fair for both players and online casinos. Unlike most operators that charge for their handling of ADR cases, ThePOGG provides its dispute mediation service free of charge. Yes, that’s right. Whether you’re a player or an online casino operator, you won’t have to pay a single cent to have ThePOGG’s dispute mediation specialist help you.

Speaking of dispute mediation specialists, this is yet another reason for players and online casino operators to use ThePOGG’s ADR service. Many would argue that it would be better for players to personally talk to the online casino operators rather than go through a neutral third party. The problem with this though is that the process can take longer without someone mediating. Thanks to ThePOGG mediator’s years of experience, players and online casino operators can expect to get a timely resolution of their disputes.

How to use ThePOGG ADR service

So now that you know about ThePOGG’s ADR service, how should you go about using it? If you’re a player, you’ll have two options for submitting a complaint through this service. In the event that an operator already has ThePOGG as its ADR then submitting your complaint/s against them is a matter of looking up ThePOGG’s contact information on the online casino’s terms and conditions page. For complaints against operators that don’t use the online gambling portal’s ADR service, you’ll need to go and register to the official ThePOGG website and click on the Dispute Mediation menu option. You’ll then need to click on the Submit a Complaint button and follow the provided instructions. After filing your complaint, the online gambling portal will then get in touch with the operator on your behalf.


Perhaps the most compelling reason for anyone who has issues related to online casinos to use ThePOGG’s dispute mediation solution is the fact that it actually works. As of now, the online gambling portal has had a hand in resolving 665 complaints with an additional 69 complaints still pending. What’s more is that it has helped complainants recover more or less $681000 from numerous online casinos. Of course, each case is going to be different and filing a complaint through ThePOGG isn’t a surefire way for complainants to get their money back or their issues resolved. Regardless, submitting a complaint through a UKGC accredited ADR service provider like ThePOGG is decidedly better than not doing anything at all.

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