Uncategorized 24-04-2020

5 of the best casino apps and sites for playing slots

Slot machines are among the most popular types of games for online gamblers, with hundreds of games to choose from and just as many operators providing platforms to play those games. With so many betting companies on the market providing a wide variety of slot games, it can be difficult to know which are the […]

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Uncategorized 04-02-2020

Best live dealer casinos for UK players

This one’s a bit specific – if you’re in the UK and want to play table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat online at a live dealer casino, where do you go? You might simply try out all the usual brands in business that have their ads on TV, but they won’t necessarily have […]

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Uncategorized 26-07-2019

Best Realtime Gaming (RTG) Slots

If you’re an American, you pretty much only have Realtime Gaming (RTG) slots to choose from, at least as far as the major slot game developers are concerned. In this article we’ll quickly tell you what the best RTG slots are, plain and simple, and will also cover RTG Casino Bonuses and RTG Casino Codes. […]

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Uncategorized 25-06-2019

How to find the perfect slot game

You’ve perhaps noticed that we do offer demo games on this website, and you can play online slot games elsewhere too. Why would you want to, you ask? Well, there are pros and cons of demo play and you can read about this in more detail below. The real purpose behind playing demo games is […]

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Uncategorized 20-01-2019

How to increase the likelihood of a positive gambling outcome

As football punters already know, if they search for betting tips and predictions they have a decent chance of increasing the likelihood of winning by gaining an edge over the bookmaker. This isn’t always easy or even possible to do, but the main premise is that you can find arguments that put a bit more […]

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Uncategorized 12-03-2018

Minimum risk gambling strategy

Of many different gambling strategies, there’s one that tries to gamble with minimum investment and risk, with a goal to still provide the maximum chance of winning big – all things considered. This strategy is a perfect fit for gamblers who just love to gamble and spend hours playing slots or their other favorite game, […]

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Uncategorized 29-11-2017

Top 10 Christmas themed slots to play in 2017 for USA online players

Festive season is coming, you’re an American and want to relax with some Christmas themed slots online? Don’t know which one to choose or where to play? Worry not – we got you covered. We found the best Christmas slots for you, best casinos that accept USA players, and best bitcoin casinos that accept USA […]

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Uncategorized 07-03-2017

Benefits Of Live Dealer Casino Games

For those of us who don’t have the time (or the funds) to get out to a land-based casino, or may feel intimidated by the atmosphere, online casinos have been a boon and have unsurprisingly become hugely popular over the past few years. You’ll often read a fairly tired phrase stating that with an online […]

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