Warning – Don’t play at rogue online casinos

A word of caution for all online gamblers – don’t play at rogue online casinos that have been blacklisted by organizations that check online casinos for their business practices. There are online casinos that are openly rogue and don’t even care about their reputation anymore but continue to accept players. It’s important to regularly check for rogue casinos so you don’t make a mistake of signing up and depositing money with these fradulent companies.

What are the signs of a rogue casino?

Most commonly, you will only care about the worst possible thing that can happen, and you will only start caring once it happens to you. That would be the non-payment of wins. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on casinos that have not payed winnings to someone in the past, or/and make it their business practice to withhold large winnings and then refer the customer to some fine print in Terms & Conditions. Slow payment of wins is another red flag, as it may mean the casino is insolvent.

Sometimes you won’t even know what’s going on but will be losing money, and you will be losing money because the casino is crooked and is not using an honest random number generator (RNG), giving the casino an unfair advantage. American customers are particularly susceptible to this, as they’re forced to play in unlicenced casinos.

Some more signs of a rogue casino may include unfair decisions in disputes, rude support personnel, not caring if you got a gambling addiction problem and letting you play, and basically anything else that you deserve and the casino is withholding from you.

How do I avoid rogue casinos?

That’s simple. Just visit online casinos we promote at GamblersFever as we talk to our friends in the industry a lot, and we know which casino is rogue and which is not. Alternatively, you are welcome to search for lists of blacklisted and rogue casinos yourself, to double check and to make sure. You’ll find there are no such casinos promoted on this site.

Normally you’re unlikely to run into problems if you’re in a regulated market and are depositing money with one of the most popular brands, though you do need to pay attention as well. For example, the UKGC licence is very strict and is actively enforced, and you can even do an online check to see if your casino really is licenced.

Most problems arise in markets such as USA, Australia, Canada, and various other countries that have a problem with regulation so the big brands are absent and people are forced to pick among online casinos of lesser quality, not knowing which one is good and which is bad.

Online gambling is not dangerous if…

…you visit sites that separate wheat from chaff and tell you which casino is good and which isn’t. This is the buffer between you as a player and the casino, and sites such as this one make sure that the player is connected to the good casino where he/she will enjoy gambling and will get a fair game and fair treatment. Never underestimate the role of casino review sites that steer the player in the right direction.

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