Where Can You Buy Texas Hold’em Poker Chips?


When searching for Texas Hold’em poker chips, you are sure to find them at most home leisure, entertainment, and gaming stores. Department stores will usually have a small selection of poker sets and these include poker chips. However, if you are a Texas Hold’em enthusiast, you want something more than the basic poker chips found at regular land based and online stores. You want something that makes the game special so continue below to find out where you can buy Texas Hold’em poker chips.

If you choose to play Texas Hold em with friends and host a poker night at your home, you do not want to disappoint. The quality of the cards is one thing but you do not want to forget about the chips. Texas Hold’em poker chips are available in varied materials and you want to be staying away from cheap plastic chips. At worst, you should be looking for composite Texas Hold’em poker chips and ones that are engraved, not printed. Engraved poker chips do not fade and will last whereas printed poker chips will fade over time.

The Clay Pro Poker Set is a good example of a set that contains high quality Texas Hold’em poker chips. These can be ordered from Amazon and despite not being a specialist online poker website, you will find plenty of high quality Texas Hold’em poker chips available at Amazon. The Clay Pro Poker Set boasts chips made from casino-grade clay, meaning they replicate the weight and feel of genuine casino poker chips. Even the case is high quality and is made of vinyl leather, with a wood organiser tray inside.

You can search Amazon and will find a vast range of Texas Hold’em poker chips but for the best experience, we recommend visiting a specialist poker website, such as Premier Poker Chips. Not only can you purchase complete sets of top of the range poker chips, such as the Copag Poker Chip Set but you can also buy individual rolls of poker chips. The Ying Yang Laser 12g Poker Chips are a good example and these are made from a composite material, with a 2 colour construction and 8 coloured accents. WPT World Poker Tour 11.5g Poker Chips and Three Colour Crown 14g Poker Chips are also good Texas Hold’em poker chips for the enthusiast and the latter are available in a 3 colour construction clay composite material.

However, perhaps the best reason to avoid gambling with your purchase and use a dedicated poker chips website, such as the one highlighted above for your Texas Hold’em poker chips is the custom poker chips service. Custom poker chips make a tremendous gift but can also be used to bring some individuality when hosting your poker nights. Clay composite poker chips can be designed to meet your requirements, complete with full colour designs. Different pictures, logos, and numbers can be added to the chips and although it is not cheap to have a full set designed, with colour images, it is fantastic and worth the money.

If you really want to show off to your friends, and make them feel an authentic Las Vegas poker experience, the best Texas Hold’em poker chips money can buy are made from ceramic material. Nevada Jack poker chips are a good example and you are looking at paying over $500 for a set of chips. The chips come in sets of 500 or 1,000 and in terms of a quality feel, bright colours, and sharp detail, Nevada Jack poker chips are hard to beat but there is another step up in the world of poker chips.

Paulson Texas Hold’em poker chips are expensive and set of 500 chips can set you back anything up to $2,000. In 2015, Paulson stopped selling poker chips to the public and that has made them sought after by collectors.


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