Which casino table game is the best choice to play?

Best casino table games to play

Almost by default, casino players choose to play slots and rarely do they do anything else. However, what if you want to change it up a bit and be a serious old school gambler who plays table games? Are there better and worse table games? Are there those that can be beaten?

There are around 8-9 different table games that you’ll commonly find at online casinos, though not every casino has them. You’ll have to look at online casino reviews to find out which operator holds your game of choice, or just click the casino and see if they have it, you’ll find it through trial and error sooner or later. Here is a breakdown of most common online casino table games.


Roulette is found at all online casinos, and most players are familiar with the game but there’s more to it than meets the eye. To be good at playing roulette you need to master all types of bets that are possible on the roulette wheel, and you absolutely must give yourself a chance of a big win by playning the numbers and not only red/black or odd/even. Roulette is a good game to play, but the gambler must be very skilled and experienced. Otherwise the house edge (5.26% for American roulette and 2.76% for European roulette) will slowly wear you down.


Blackjack is a game of skill, but far less skill than roulette. The rules can be learned rather quickly, and the gambler who spends some time studying them can play a mathematically perfect game all the time. House edge is almost non-existant, less than 1%, so even a basic player with a basic strategy won’t lose more than 1% of his bankroll in the long run. However, it is difficult to win money on blackjack as there’s nothing that would give you a big win, players usually hover around their starting bank amount. There are advanced strategies, and players are drawn to the game because it “has almost no house edge”, but blackjack is very difficult to make money on.


Baccarat is a card game where player or banker can win, and it also has very low house edge, especially if you play at 5Dimes. It is very similar to blackjack in terms of house edge, win frequency and the low potential to either win a lot of money or lose a lot of money. There are some clever tricks to play baccarat which may help you master this beautiful game, and we also prepared a list of baccarat bonuses for your convenience. The only firm rule in baccarat is to not bet on Tie. Choose either Banker or Player, they’re equally good bets.


Craps is a very exciting game in which players wager on the outcome of a roll of two dices. This is a very complex game and you can read the rules on Wikipedia. The learning curve is steep, but those who learn to play are in for hours of fun, and some big wins are possible along the way. Each bet type has its own house edge, and Pass/Come and Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets have zero or almost zero house edge, while most others have house edge from 10% to 16%. Buy or Lay bets have a house edge between 2% and 5%. While money can be made on craps, and it’s fun to play, the house edge is just too big to enjoy the game if you are aware of the odds.

Conclusion: The best table game

Craps is probably the worst choice because it has a house edge that’s far too big for any serious player, so if you want to make money you’ll avoid craps. Blackjack and baccarat behave the same, as you always win 1 unit or lose 1 unit – unless you have a betting strategy in place. In blackjack there’s skill involved as you make decisions and can risk or be conservative. In baccarat you don’t make decisions as both Player and Banker cards are drawn using a firm set of rules. You only need to choose who to bet on and how much will you bet. A downside that both blackjack and baccarat share is the inability to win or lose more than 1 unit unless you use a betting strategy. Not so in roulette – this game can get you 35:1 if you guess the exact number. You can also adapt the odds to your liking by placing bets on more than one number, even by making a pattern that covers a big part of the board/wheel.

This makes roulette the best table game, and it’s no wonder it’s so popular and is the only table game that is present at all online casinos. We have some roulette tips for you, as well as a selection of Bitcoin casinos that have roulette. Bear in mind that roulette is difficult to master, but by reading our articles and choosing a good online casino you’re on the right track to profiting from this exciting game.


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