Why use an affiliate stats aggregator

This post is intended for gambling affiliates only, as they have a problem that need solving and will greatly benefit from an affiliate stats aggregator. A tool such as a stats aggregator is useful for many things, and makes life easier for affiliates. Read on to find out how exactly.

The Problem

Gambling affiliates usually sign up with dozens of brands, if not even much more than that, and those affiliates who own very large websites that review all known brands are in a much bigger problem. There are dozens or sometimes even hundreds of programs you work with, and then you have to log into each of those platforms individually just to check the stats. Even if you’re not doing anything else, logging in to check the stats could take hours if you have this many brands.

The process is always the same and this is an example of it. First you have to have the affiliate program login page bookmarked, and you need to have the login credentials stored in a password manager or written down somewhere. Then you login and then you have to navigate to the page that gives you the stats that you want to see. After that, you need to repeat this same process for each and every brand you’re working with. Frustratingly, most of the programs will show 0 as this is the nature of the game – 80% of your income will be coming from top 20% of brands. The remaining 80% of brands you will likely be checking only to see the numbers haven’t risen, and this is the real source of frustration, so you’re likely to abandon checking these altogether.

The Solution

The solution is, of course, to provide a service that would aggregate those stats and would pull them automatically from the origin server so you can see everything in one place, and even compare brands to one another. While you will still have to log into the affiliate program by hand whenever you want to do something more serious such as finding a new banner to use or changing tracking info, an affiliate stats aggregator will simplify the most important daily chore of every entrepreneur – checking the earnings. This kind of bird’s eye overview will prove invaluable as it not only pulls data for you and presents it in an organized manner, but it lets you quickly compare programs with one another. For example, you may quickly notice it takes a lot of clicks per signup in case of one program, and you’d never notice that if you didn’t have numbers side by side.

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