Why use review sites when choosing a casino

Casino and the player don’t actually need a mediator, they’d do just fine if they just got together without outside help. At least the casino would, as the uninformed player is the biggest money maker for them. That’s where review sites come in, especially those that have the courage to speak the truth, such as this site or Stave-online.com or any similar site, especially those that will actively get involved in dispute resolution.

Casino business has always been shady, and the less you know about the casino or the game, the more likely you are to get involved with something you can’t understand because you’re being kept in the dark. Dishonest business practices can appear in many different areas:

  • refusal to pay
  • refusal to recognize winnings
  • slot games with low RTP
  • games with a crooked random number generator
  • delayed payments
  • payment fees
  • payout limits
  • advertising to a known gambling addict
  • bonus rules which are impossible to meet

And that’s just the things you see. Casinos will, by default, try to gain any kind of edge they can over the player, which includes customer profiling. Sportsbooks will do that, too, as their game is a game of numbers as well. Pinnacle, for example, is a known semi-rogue sportsbook that actually acts as the arbitrage bettor. They profile each of their players, and give each player different betting limits. Poor players will not affect the line and the odds, while the good ones will. That way, Pinnacle are making sure they’re constantly in profit. Individual player profiling is illegal.

Why casinos want to be honest

Some casinos go down the rogue route and try to make money in a dishonest way, while others choose to brand themselves as a reputable casino yet are still susceptible to doing bad things if they’re not monitored. The positive pressure – that makes a casino want to be honest – is always coming from the review websites which have the power to give a casino a good or a bad grade, and which have the power to inform players if a certain casino is good or not. It is because of this pressure that we now have casinos which are more or less trying to be honest, and players who are well-informed and who know they shouldn’t be profiled by the casino, to name just one example.

A single player could never put that much pressure on the casino, and would have to resort to trying to resolve the problem with the casino representative, which is usually an exercise in futility. A review website, on the other hand, has the power to reveal the information about some problem or some dishonest business practices to a wider group of people. But this information is no good unless it’s used. A player who simply visited the casino without checking the review of that casino first may be running straight into a trap.

Read quality casino reviews

It’s important to keep visiting casino review websites and really read the information they’re giving about a casino before actually depositing money there. Not only because the player will be more informed, but because in the grand scheme of things the positively reviewed casino will get more players than a negatively reviewed casino. We don’t want to be encouraging bad casinos by depositing money with them.

So, when you want help in finding a new casino to play in, or have a specific casino in mind, it’s best to read the reviews first, especially the reviews on reputable websites that call it as it is. We at GamblersFever are independently reviewing each casino and are telling the truth. When a casino is bad, we say it’s bad. That’s the kind of approach you want from your casino review website, especially if you’re depositing larger sums of money, which is what many of our readers are doing.

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