Winning Roulette Tips For Beginners

Winning Roulette tips for Beginners

So you want to play roulette and need some tips for beginners to get you started? We got just the right tips for you and if you give GamblersFever 10 minutes of your time we’ll help you make money on roulette, we’ll reduce the chance of you going bankrupt, and, overall, roulette will be a pleasant experience for you.

You would think there are plenty of people who manage to win with roulette, given its massive following. But no, this is the one gaming aspect that seems to elude even the most devoted roulette players.

What is even more baffling is the fact that the tips needed to make yourself a winner as you play this game are very simple to learn and implement. The greatest hurdle is that most people never put in the effort to learn more about this game and its tips and strategies.

But why?

It’s a well-known fact that most people visit a casino with the intention of winning some money. Sure, the thrill of playing roulette is a defensible reason to give it some or all of your time every time you are in a casino. But wouldn’t winning make it that more exciting?

And indeed it would. Many people just have the wrong mentality about what is required to make this game winnable. Some players imagine that it’s probably too hard to win, or that it would take too much time to learn about this game.

The reality, fortunately, is quite the opposite – roulette is easy to win, and the strategies required attaining this goal very simple. Here are some of them.

Roulette Winning Tips

Let’s go over the most important tips for winning roulette.

Tip 1: Don’t Rely on Luck

If luck is the only strategy you have, then you will be disappointed with this game because winning is something you will not get. You have to be prepared and follow certain rules in order to win.

For instance, you should find the best casinos, use your bankroll properly, and adhere to various other important rules in order to retain an edge over the casino. For instance, you should not expect to win every day you play roulette.

And if you think you can, then you are clearly relying on luck, not sound playing strategy. A wise player understands that some days will be good, and others bad. And anyone thinking that every day will go their way is clearly trying to get lucky, and that almost never works.

Tip 2: Don’t Play Martingale

Or any other betting strategy, for that matter. Many gamblers have lost their homes and families by relying on a surefire betting strategy that’s guaranteed to beat roulette. Roulette is random and it can not be beaten. Crucially, streaks don’t matter one bit, as every new spin is totally independent of the outcome of the previous one. And that’s why strategies don’t work. Such betting systems will only result in a quick loss of your funds because they can’t handle prolonged losing streaks, which is an eventuality you have to anticipate as a roulette player.

Roulette systems will not help you win. These are designed to help their creators make quick cash out of naive roulette players. Roulette is based on very advanced random number generators.

Therefore, it’s practically impossible to predict how they will produce the winning outcomes. So, anyone telling you that there is a way they can help you win, and that the secret lies in using a particular system, is lying to you. Don’t pay them for that ebook or course or secret tip.

Just don’t.

Tip 3: Play the Numbers

Most serious roulette players eventually revert to a 50-50 bet such as Red-Black or Odd-Even in their effort to increase the chance of winning. However, the real way to play roulette and win is to also sprinkle the table with casual bets on some numbers. If you do win, you’ll win big. And this is practically the only feasable way to get ahead in the roulette game, as 50-50 bets will drain your bankroll slowly, inevitably and constantly.

Say you want to win a roulette tournament where the guy with biggest amount of chips wins. You’d never ever win it by placing Red-Black or Odd-Even bets, or even the three-way bets, as the best you can hope for is to win some 55-60% of the time if you’re lucky, and even with that much luck you’d only be in the top third of the pack. If you want to win, you got to place number bets and need some luck with these. If you do have luck, you got a shot at boosting your bankroll to eventually make it to the top.

And that’s how one should approach the normal roulette game. Don’t play the low-variance game of red-black or odd-even, increase the variance by playing the numbers and reap the rewards if you’re lucky enough within the boundaries of one playing session.

Each number has a 36:1 payout. If you put your chip on the line that separates two numbers (horizontal or vertical), each of the two numbers will pay 18:1. If you put your chip at the cross-section of four numbers, each will pay 9:1.

Tip 4: Play online

Everyone knows land-based casino roulette can be dishonest. The obvious problem is, you don’t know which casino is honest and which is dishonest. Maybe they rigged the roulette wheel and you’ll never know it. So it’s best to stay away and to play online, where casinos are provably fair and their RNGs (random number generators) are constantly being tested.

There’s something even beyond this. If you choose a roulette game that’s hosted centrally by a software provider such as Evolution Gaming, then the online casino doesn’t have anything to do with it, and the Evolution Gaming roulette is the same in all online casinos where it’s offered. This is the best way to play, as you’re certain you’re playing the best game. Evolution Gaming have the best live roulette in business, so they’re the provider of choice for many roulette players.

Tip 5: Take the Roulette Bonuses

Playing at online casinos bring the benefit that land-based casinos do not, and that’s the possibility of bathing yourself in free cash. So many online casinos hand out first deposit bonuses where you deposit some money into a casino and that money is usually doubled. Then you have to turn over the deposit and play in the casino for a while, and when you successfully complete that, the bonus money is yours to withdraw.

Problem is, casinos usually don’t allow their bonuses to be taken by playing roulette. Fortunately, there are also casinos that allow bonus playthrough on roulette, and we found them for you.

In fact, you probably won’t be able to make money on roulette without the aid of a good deposit bonus. So if you’re serious about this, you’ll choose a casino which gives you a good bonus and you’ll therefore have the edge over the house. This is the absolute #1 key ingridient of winning money on roulette. You need the bonus.

MANSION CASINO have the best roulette bonus. Choose between a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $/£/€500, or a High Roller Bonus, 50% up to $/£/€5000. Rollover is 15x deposit + bonus, and roulette will contribute whopping 25%. Combine this with the very size of the bonus and you got a winnng combination for making money on roulette.

Cloudbet casino accepts Bitcoin only, and they’re giving a 100% bonus up to whopping 5 BTC. For every 800 loyalty points, 0.01 BTC will be released into your account. Loyalty points are earned by multiplying your stake with game difficulty score. Roulette has a low score so earning points takes a while, but this is still the richest bonus for casino. Only if you have Bitcoin, though.

Bet365 have many roulette versions including live roulette, and two bonuses to choose from: New Player Bonus 100% up to €100 (20x rollover Bonus + Deposit) or VIP Bonus 50% up to €500 (30x rollover Bonus + Deposit). Choose one. Roulette will contribute 20% to the playthrough requirements, which is amazing. Bet365 also have reload bonuses, other retention offers, free chips, as well as a VIP scheme and a comp points system. Go ahead and register with Bet365 to take advantage of the deposit bonus which you’ll use on one of many roulette versions they have on the website.

If you’re a US citizen you won’t be able to play at Mansion and Bet365 so you’ll need a different casino.

3Dice Casino accept US players and they have incredible 50% contribution of roulette to bonus requirements. There are two bonuses to choose from: a 110% first deposit bonus up to $100, or VIP bonus 50% up to $500. No live dealers, usual payout. 30x rollover. US, UK and EU accepted.


You don’t need as much learning and experience as people think you do to win roulette. With these simple strategies, you have all the tools you need to make this game go your way.

Go ahead and choose one of the above casinos, deposit some money, get the bonus and start playing roulette.

Bonus tip: Learn as Much as Possible about Roulette

You should be aware of the fact that each roulette bet has its unique winning odds. But you will have no way of knowing this unless you make the effort to learn as much as possible about this game. For instance, Red/Black and Odd/Even bets are easier to win on a regular basis, but the payouts are much lower.

Street bets and number bets are more lucrative, but unless you know how low your chances of winning these bets actually are, you will most likely end up frustrated after losing your money.

Therefore, by understanding various bets and their payouts, you can plan your spending better, which will help you tilt the odds of winning in your favor.

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